OT: Music in the podcast making for difficult listening


Hi Corey,

I am in the process of trying to catch up a second time (got to like ep. 130, fell off during Covid, now up to around 158). I love to listen on my long walks, just like I used to listen while commuting (commuting, what's that nowadays?!)

I understand that part of your setup involves an in-game LOTRO feed. I had always thought that when I began to hear music in the background, it was because your character in the game went into some kind of AFK/pause mode, and I recall you addressing that in past episodes and the music stopping.

Lately, it seems like some kind of background music is always playing. The problem is it is almost as loud as your voice (at least in the podcast). Some songs are louder than others (and of higher tempo) and these are particularly troubling. There are times when the music is so discordant with your speech that it's very hard to follow the conversation. At some points, I've had to skip ahead because it's just too much.

I know this may just be me, and I am coming into a well established practice. Maybe this isn't a problem of the live production. Maybe it's something recent to episode 150-ish? In any case, I'm finding it more and more difficult to listen to the podcast. I'm wondering if there is anything you can do to avoid playing the music of the game during the class. Maybe if you want to have the game up but mute it somehow?

If this is not fixable I understand, but figured I'd at least ask :)

Rachel Port

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You're not the only one - I hear it at least some of the time listening to the videos, and sometimes it bothers me - as a musician, I always tend to focus on music. I haven't heard it when I tune into the live classes, though.