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    I know this comment does not relate to the material we're discussing now in Exploring the Lord of the Rings. But as I am also listening to the Return of the Shadow podcasts, and I worry that I might forget later, I'll venture to make an observation:

    If I were Frodo (or Bingo as he was called earlier), and I knew a song that included the lines "The cow in the garden madly pranced", and "The white horses of the Moon, They neigh and champ their silver bits" (as though they too would prance if they weren't harnessed), it seems like that song might come to mind when visiting an inn called "The Prancing Pony". Also, note that it's the "Prancing Pony" as befits a hobbit establishment, not "The Happy Horse" (a more man-sized animal to ride). It seems as though "prancing" stuck (in the published version) because of the poem, and "pony" stuck because of the alliteration.

    Also note that the name of the proprietor became "Barley Man" (Barliman) when he changed from a hobbit to a man, one that comes from a place that likes botanical names for men. I expect his beer was brewed from barley, so his name is a sort of a joke about his business.

    If there is a better place for this post than this forum, please let me know or move it as appropriate.
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