S04E04 Script Discussion

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Marie and I have discussed doing an episode discussion this evening. If that doesn't work for someone who is interested in attending, feel free to let me know and we will see what we can work out.


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I'd love to contribute, but I won't have a place to record where I could be part of the video call. However, I think I could watch it live on YouTube. Is there a place I could type comments or suggestions as I watch the discussion?

Nicholas Palazzo

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I'd love to contribute, but I won't have a place to record where I could be part of the video call. However, I think I could watch it live on YouTube. Is there a place I could type comments or suggestions as I watch the discussion?
So, you would not necessarily have to be on video if you wanted to join the call audio. Or even just the text chat. If you did want to participate through the YouTube Live, there is a comment section there.

And @Haakon, we are starting at 7 PM EST (11 PM GMT). We are discussing trying a morning broadcast, but that carries additional difficulties.

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Well I should say, if you guys keep on for like four hours, I might pop by for the final stretch. :)
Heh. Well, last time was well longer than that. We got a bit distracted. I think this evening's episode, the non-standard format will keep us focused on what we are doing. :)


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The rest of my family changed plans and is going out this evening, so there's a chance I may be able to join in the video chat after all. My internet has not been super reliable these past few days, so, if video doesn't work, I'll be there in the text chat.

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My notes from last night, such as they are:

Of Beleriand and its Realms

West to East, Leading to Mereth Aderthad


Vinyamar in later stage construction
Dale is the intermingling of cultures, just as Vinyamar is.
Looking back to an ideal that isn’t achievable. Dale of Old vs Valinor.

Mithrim is established as a fully functioning lake community

Dorthonion - Finrod returns from where he is building his watchtower. He discusses with Angrod and Aegnor their position in between Thingol and the other Noldor. Angrod feels like he’s been doing his best to do the right thing by everyone and gets nothing but trouble for it. Finrod doesn’t disagree with him, but is more aware of the bigger picture. In the frame, Dain is the voice of the environmental concerns voiced by Aegnor. He is ostensibly concerned with the threat of dragons from the North. Bard is concerned by

Himring is a military installation. Maedhros is focused on Morgoth and building defenses against him. Maedhros is showing off the fortifications to Fingolfin. Fingolfin is impressed. Maedhros training montage. Tournament with exhibition match between Maedhros and Fingolfin. Fingolfin wins, but Maedhros pulls off a slightly “dirty” move that surprises Fingolfin for a time. In a conversation alone, Fingolfin tells Maedhros about his plans for the Mereth Aderthad and warns him to have his men be circumspect about the past. Maedhros is less hopeful that the secret can be kept. (Dale- Dain is less sanguine about a chummy relationship with Thranduil than is Bard.)


Flyover montage from Angband past Tol Sirion where a tower is being built. We get to the coast and see ships travelling north. We follow them until we arrive in Vinyamar. This switches to a raven flying over Erebor and through the market and into Dale where we meet our heroes again.

Act I

Scene 1 Meeting Bard.

Scene 2 Introduction of Vinyamar- Cirdan and Turgon. Turgon explains his tower as representative of the Tower of Ingwe. The discussion turns to the main square which brings up the memory of the Oath of Feanor. Turgon’s change in demeanor causes Cirdan to ask him what’s wrong. Turgon deflects by talking about his wedding, and mentioning his wife’s death on the Helcaraxe. Cirdan presses on the issue of why they made that crossing. Turgon points to Elenwe’s desire to come here, but declines to discuss it further.

Touring Dale, Bilbo sees a relief carving which memorializes the destruction of Dale and Esgaroth.

Act II

Scene 4
Flyover transition to Mithrim. Fingon is out riding with Aredhel and sees that Sindarin families are picnicking outside the city. He confronts one of them (Annael) to warn how dangerous it is.

Scene 5
Bilbo sees rebuilt (sections) of Erebor for the first time. He is super impressed by cleanliness and light. He is reminded of the Misty Mountains song. Meanwhile, the viewer is seeing more warlike preparations, defenses. Meetings with old friends. They meet with Dain with an invitation from Dale. Balin brings up their military preparedness.

Scene 6
Fingon and Aredhel are riding in the forest after talking to Annael. Aredhel is chiding him for his apparent paranoia. It’s just a picnic. Fingon turns and looks right into camera through some trees, but seems to not see what he is looking for. Aredhel laughs at him, saying there is nothing out there.


Scene 7
Dain comes to Dale with armed guards. Enough to make some residents nervous. They are wearing anti-dragon masks and are called the Dragonguard. Bard half-jokingly questioning Dain’s warlike behavior, but Dain returns to the clear and present danger of dragons.

Scene 8
Finrod arrives in Dorthonion from building Minas Tirith. Dorthonion is at this point a fully militarized, but unfortified. Edhellos is drilling the troops in the main square. She accompanies a concerned Finrod to meet with her husband and Aegnor. Aegnor is the voice of this militarization, while Angrod is lamenting that they are undermanned. He blames Finrod for not making more of their people come with them. Finrod shows them the plans for Minas Tirith. Fortifications are a force multiplier and can solve their problems. When they leave, the camera goes down to the plans, the air shifting the document just a little bit.

Scene 9
Meeting with Dain, Bard, Bilbo, and Gandalf. Bard brings up Dain’s state of militarization in relation to Thranduil. Dain is upset with Bard for taking Thranduil’s side. Bard isn’t taking sides. He wants peace in his city. Gandalf is blowing smoke rings and talking about the larger dangers in the world and the need for unity in this area. “You will have need of both strength and allies. Evil is closer to hand than you know.”

Scene 10
Finrod discusses their ultimate goal with Eldhellos.

Act IV
Scene 11
Flyover transition montage to Himring. We see the fortifications and doings of the Feanorians before we reach Maedhros’ fortress where Maedhros is training. Despite the fact that he is being bested by his sparring partners, he keeps saying “Again” to resume the training. His trainers seem exhausted by this. There is progression until he is winning these contests. Horns sound, announcing Fingolfin’s arrival. Maedhros greets Fingolfin and his entourage. Fingolfin is impressed with the not only Himring, but Maedhros personally.

Scene 12
Maedhros, having changed and washed, is taking Fingolfin on a tour of the fortress. Fingolfin is very impressed, which leaves Maedhros a bit concerned that the other Noldor aren’t taking the proper precautions. Fingolfin reassures Maedhros that he is not alone in his commitment to the fight against Morgoth. Fingolfin chides Maedhros for being too serious, so Maedhros suggests having a tournament.

Scene 13
Meanwhile in the frame, time for music. Bard’s wife, the bard is giving a performance in the square where the relief is. The kings, Gandalf and Bilbo are watching. In between songs, Bard presses Dain about miltancy of his kingship. The conversation devolves until Dain says to Bard that despite his friendship with Thranduil now, “One day, you will call for their aid, and they will not come.”

Scene 14
While watching the tournament, Maedhros can see that Fingolfin is visibly twitchy in a wanting to participate sense. Maedhros suggests an exhibition match. Fingolfin is incredulous at first, and even offers to have a hand tied back. Maedhros is grateful for the gesture, but says the enemy will not be so generous. On the field, Fingolfin is caught of guard by Maedhros’ ferocity, but seems to have the upper hand on the whole. Maedhros scores the initial point, and a second through a desperate or morally ambiguous gambit, but Fingolfin is the first to five. Fingolfin smiles and reaches down to pull his nephew to his feet. They face the cheering crowd with their upraised hands clasped.

Scene 15
Gandalf and Bilbo are walking along the walls of Dale, talking about Dain’s position. Bilbo asks if it is about what happened to Thorin, and Gandalf says that it goes deeper. He explains that the elves of Mirkwood and the dwarves of Erebor had been trading partners, but when the Dwarves lost their home, that partnership ended. After they have spoken, we hear horns outside, because the elves have arrived. The elves march in through the gate with Thranduil at their head.
Scene 16
Fingolfin and Maedhros talk about Mereth Aderthad.

Flyover transition from Himring to Angband. It is revealed that, *gasp* we’ve been following Thuringwethil the whole time, and she reports in to Sauron.