Sam's good supply of pipe-weed

Blad The Inspirer

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I had hoped to ask this during class, but I wasn't able to join live this week:

When Sam describes his supply of pipe-weed as "but not near enough, I'll warrant", I assume that he is being pessimistic. However, I am not sure exactly for what reason he thinks it won't be enough.

Does he think it will not be enough because he suspects the journey will be very long? Is it because he expects that he will want to smoke often? Is it because he intends to share with Frodo and others?

Also, is this good supply of pipe-weed simply what he has left over from Bree (where I assume he got a refill)? I doubt they have any in Rivendell. Sam probably wasn't rationing his supply before, so now that they are continuing on their journey, maybe he is wishing that they had smoked a little less often over the last few months.

I don't think I am communicating my thoughts very well, but I hope this can spark a more complete discussion from other people. I am interested in getting a clearer picture not only of the things Sam is carrying, but also of the things the rest of the company are carrying. How different are their packs from the ones I carry when I go on long journeys?
Probably not any one reason in particular, more in the sense that everything always "takes longer and costs more". Likely no matter how much he takes he will think it not sufficient.