Season 1: Episode 13 Script Discussion - Finale time!


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*was there*

Whew, we're finished! Except not really, because now we have to generate all of the outlines. Preferably by Friday.....

I hope to get a chance to get this episode roughly done by this evening. We'll see how it goes.


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Estel learns an important truth. The Valar fight to make Middle Earth safe for the coming of the Children.​

Frame: Elrond, Gilraen, Estel, Bilbo, Gandalf
Main: EVERYONE - Manwë, Varda, Ulmo, Ossë, Uinen, Nessa, Tulkas, Aulë, Yavanna, Oromë, Námo (Mandos), Melkor, Mairon, Gothmog, Thuringwethil, etc.​

I. Library of Rivendell - (in winter)
a. Gilraen comes to Elrond to ask him if he thinks Estel is ready to learn more of his background. Elrond is a bit surprised by the question, but says he'll give it some thought.
b. Estel arrives for his lesson, excited that they are *finally* getting to the fun part - the battle!
c. Elrond has a rather disappointed reaction to his clear lack of maturity, and gives him a bit of a cost-of-war intro.
II. The Ring of Doom, in Valinor
a. Manwë announces his plan to force Melkor to comply with the wishes of the Valar.
i. Everyone is in agreement with this decision, and there is an air of 'finally!'
ii. There is some shock over what Melkor did to Eonwë.
iii. Mandos confirms this course of action?​
b. During the preparations, the Valar have one small concern. (No one is worried about defeat or losing.)
i. Aulë, knowing that his dwarves are scattered throughout Middle Earth, expresses concern that what they are about to do might injure the Children.
ii. Ulmo takes a very cavalier attitude, trying to allay his fears, and says something like, 'Don't worry about it, Ilúvatar won't send them until everything is ready!'
iii. Mandos immediately corrects him, reminding him that he doesn't know that. 'Say rather that Ilúvatar has his eye on his Children, no matter what might happen to them.'
III. Utumno
a. Melkor is also preparing for battle.
i. He commands Mairon to go to Angband and hold the reserve forces there. There is a very oblique reference to the Super Secret Necromantic Orc Project that leaves itself open to interpretation.
ii. ???
IV. Middle Earth - Utumno is visible in the distance
a. The Valar arrive to find Melkor's line arranged and ready to meet them.
b. Oromë rushes up, bringing the news that he's found the Children!
i. This causes some consternation among the Valar, and concern.
ii. Manwë decides to send Oromë and Yavanna to protect the Children.​
c. Melkor, who is with his army, begins by declaring himself king of Arda and demanding the others bow before him.
i. The forces of the Valar respond defiantly, demanding that Melkor comply with their wishes.
ii. When Melkor responds with some variation of 'Make me,' they agree.
iii. Manwë mentions the Children, without giving away that he knows they have awoken.​
d. Battle!
i. Some of the Valar are clearly out of their element (heh) and don't know what to do. Others, like Tulkas, have no trouble going to town on the monsters Melkor has released.
ii. Melkor, who had never seen the Valar in full-out battle mode before, is a bit disturbed to find out what they are capable of. He retreats from the front line.
iii. Manwë flies after him, seeking to deal with the trouble at the source.
iv. Manwë is attacked by a swarm of vampire bat creatures.
v. Arien and Eonwë to the rescue! These two winged creatures arrive in strength on the battle field - Eonwë is much stronger/more martial than when last we saw him, and Arien is blazing with fire. They help Manwë fight off the creatures.
V. Utumno - interior
a. Melkor escapes into the fortress of Utumno and releases a reserve horde of dinosaur-like monsters against the attacking Valar.
b. Melkor commands Gothmog to take another force (consisting mostly of werewolves, vampires, and about 8 other balrogs) and to go destroy the precious Children. Thuringwethil goes with them.
c. This force slips out the back as the host of the Valar has not yet surrounded Utumno.
VI. Utumno - exterior
a. Arda gets broken. Balrogs and beasts die in droves.
b. Aulë diverts a river and sends it towards Utumno.
i. Ulmo (and his people) use the waters to eat away at the fortress with waves.
ii. Once the waters get into the underground at Utumno, we see some...thing bubble up from the depths. These are Watchers in the Water and other horrors.​
c. Manwë calls up a mighty wind that eats away at Utumno as if it were a sandcastle, blowing away Melkor's great work like dust in the wind.
d. We see one last Watcher slither away down a drain into the depths.
VII. The Far Shore of Cuivienen
a. Gothmog and his force look down on the lake from the same angle that Mairon saw it earlier (so we know where he is).
i. Oromë (on his horse) stands alone on the shore.
ii. Yavanna, at a height with him, steps out from the woods.​
b. Gothmog's forces charge at the two of them, thinking to take care of them before going around the Lake to get to the Children.
c. The ents come out of the woods, and there is much destruction.
i. Balrogs can set ents on fire.
ii. Oromë can take on anyone there.
iii. Yavanna masters beasts without fighting.​
d. Gothmog's forces are routed and retreat.
VIII. Utumno - Throne Room
a. Manwë, flanked by Eonwë and Arien, burst through the door.
b. Melkor sits on his throne....but he has grown to his monstrous 'lord of Angband' form.
i. Arien has a look of horror on her face and drops her weapon.
ii. Eonwë is dismayed.
iii. Manwë looks quite sad that he is going to have to destroy his brother like this.​
c. While they are standing there, Tulkas runs in with a yell, not even pausing before delivering a Hulk-strength blow to Melkor's knee, toppling him.
d. Tulkas and Melkor wrestle on the floor before the empty throne of Utumno.
e. Melkor is pinned and abandons his monstrous form.
f. Aulë brings in the chain he had forged, and Melkor is bound.
IX. Valinor - the Ring of Doom
a. Melkor is led bound before the Valar on their thrones.
b. We skip over the trial, but hear his sentence.
X. Angband
a. Gothmog returns with his remnant of balrogs, werewolves, vampires, etc. to Angband.
b. Mairon is sitting on a throne and welcomes them back.
c. Gothmog has some choice words for Mairon's cowardice and claims the right to rule himself.
d. Mairon reveals that Gothmog's followers are loyal to...Mairon. Mairon keeps the throne.
e. Gothmog names him Sauron.​

XI. Rivendell - In the Library
a. Elrond finishes the lesson and follows up on his cost-of-war analysis, about how much was destroyed.
i. Estel responds that this is true, but that it gave the Valar an opportunity to truly be themselves. Tulkas could never have been so brave if he had no reason to fight Melkor, etc.
ii. Elrond is impressed with this insight, and when Gilraen comes in, tells her 'I think he is ready.'
b. Gilraen and Estel go for a walk and discuss a little bit about the Dunedain - how Estel is part of a people with a history of being brave and fighting for the good guys, etc. Elrond watches them from a distance.
XII. Rivendell - Outside (Spring)

a. Gandalf and Bilbo return.
b. Gandalf and Elrond discuss the end of the Necromancer business, and name Sauron. Gilraen is present, and Elrond mentions Aragorn's name to Gandalf.
c. Bilbo and Estel are reunited, and Estel proudly tells Bilbo he is one of the Dunedain.

i. Estel asks Bilbo lots of questions about his adventure and the dwarves who were with him before.
ii. Bilbo's stories of his adventures start off positive and upbeat, but eventually he does talk a little about the battle he tried to avoid but got caught in anyway.
iii. Young Estel gives him the insights he's learned from his lessons, and Bilbo is comfortable sharing more with him.
iv. They walk away together, and disappear out of sight.

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Whew, *now* I'm done! Did I forget anything that needs to be in this outline? Any changes I should make?


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That's great! Hm, if I'm going to take an episode and work in the outline - do I need to know any special rules or method or do I just structure the text in more or less logical units?


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I would say to copy the format Alex has used for the first two episodes as closely as possible. That way, the episodes will all go together nicely.