Season 4 Post Production Schedule


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We finished Season 4 (finally!) Now it's time to look over everyone's work and move into the post-season sessions.

Here's the timeline:

For October and November, we will have two points of focus. The sessions will focus on reviewing the scripts and script outlines, and here on the messageboard, we will be nominating actors for casting.

Oct. 3rd - Session 25 - Our first Script Review Session!
Oct. 17th - Session 26 - Script Review Continues
Nov. 7th - Session 27 - Script Review Continues
Nov. 14th - Session 28 - Final Script Review Session? We shall see!

Moving into December and January, we will shift focus to other topics. We will have voting for Casting, a review of Sets/Maps/Locations, a look at any artwork/costume designs posted here, and of course Phillip Menzies' Music for our score!

Dec. 5th - Session 29
Dec. 12th - Session 30
Jan. 2, 2020! - Session 31
Jan. 16th - Session 32

The End?

As always, this schedule is subject to change, depending on the schedules of the Hosts, but I am sharing this tentative schedule now so people will know what to expect.


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Updated Timeline!

For October and November, we have focused on both the Scripts and the Casting Nominations.

Oct. 3rd - Session 25 - Script Review Episodes 1-3
Oct. 17th - Session 26 - Script Review Episodes 3-5
Nov. 7th - Session 27 - Script Review Episodes 6-7
Nov. 14th - Session 28 - Script Review Episodes 8-9

On Friday November 22nd, Nominations for casting will close, so please submit all nominees in the coming week! Follow Haakon's instructions in the Casting forum. Stay tuned for announcements as to when voting for casting will begin. :)

Dec. 5th - Session 29 - Script Review Episodes 10-13?
Dec. 12th - Session 30 - Sets and Locations?
Jan. 2, 2020! - Session 31 - Casting?
Jan. 16th - Session 32 --- TBD

The *final* session of season 4 will focus on Philip Menzies' score.