Season Three coming soon!

Jim Dexter

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Greetings! You all are doing such an amazing job! I am a long time listener and rare participant in Tolkien Professor related activities. I don't know where else to put this so forgive me for being slightly oblivious to existing protocol....
As I was listening to the thought of Dave and Corey regarding the Orc Project and how this should be manifested in the "film" ( especially how it should differ from PJ's version of creating orcs), I imagined orcs coming into consciousness, as spirits entering the flesh, and becoming quickly horrified at their situation....individual bits of the Great Song arriving, ready for life but soon overwhelmed, angry, crazed and broken by the bleak horror of their truth...and thus easily manipulated by Sauron/ Morgoth into a seemingly justified evil existence. Now, that's a long, crazy thought and really could only be a subtext for their behavior when first created....but it was a strong thought in my mind. I still don't know what the mechanism for creation should be...perhaps the singing of a dark and twisted song. Anyway, thanks for indulging me and keep up the great work you are doing!


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Thanks for joining us here, Jim!

There have been a lot of discussions about where the orcs will come from, but it won't be fully revealed until Season 3, so you've picked the right time to talk about that moment.

What we've established so far is that the captive elves from Cuivienen have been kept in Angband and been experimented on by Sauron. With Morgoth's return, the transition from captive elves to actual orcs is complete. And some of our orcs (like Boldog) will be more Maiar-spirits infused into orc bodies or something like that, so not every orc has the same origin. We want there to be some mystery and confusion as to what happens, so it's only sparingly shown on screen.

But I think that the horror of a newly-awakened orc could fit very well into this story. If you want, you can head to the 'Across the Series' part of the forum, where you will find threads for each session. The 3-03 thread is for discussing the Angband plotline (along with Menegroth and the Helcaraxë), so you are welcome to share your ideas there.