Session 4-25: Post-production Script Reviews, Part 1


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Session 4-25 will be held on Thursday Oct. 3rd at 10 PM Eastern Time.

The topic of our first post-production session will be script reviews of the script outlines and scripts for the first four episodes of Season 4.

Links to scripts and script outlines can be found here:

Please feel free to help edit the Script Outlines or leave comments on them.
For the scripts, we encourage you to read what Rhiannon has written prior to the Oct. 3rd session, and to give her any feedback so she can make changes before submitting them to Corey, Trish, and Dave at the end of next week.



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I didn't take notes for this session like I have been for the others since I was participating in the discussion, but I did try to write down the things that the hosts were definite they wanted changed in the scripts:
  • In Episode 1, there should be more voices among Fingolfin's people who are against immediately accusing the Feanorians of kidnapping Fingon so they are not so quick to jump to that conclusion
  • Maedhros should be more monomaniacal and determined, even when he is still physically weak
There may have been more decisions made, but I would need to watch the session again, which I plan to do before I go back and revise the scripts.

There was a lot of back and forth discussion in this session about the inclusion of minor characters, the value of making a definite reference in Episode 1 to the five years that have passed since the Noldor arrived, the use of telepathy and language, how Maedhros' return affects the relationship between the camps of the Noldor, Melian's character and the vision Galadriel experiences, and how to explain how Maedhros survived for so long on Thangorodrim and the implications of this.

If anyone has any more feedback on the scripts discussed in this episode or suggestions for the suggestions for how to incorporate the hosts' feedback, please share!