Session 4-32: Music


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Ohh we get to hear the Oath of Fëanor I'm seriously considering waking up at 4am for that...


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Here are my notes for this session. Since Phillip already has descriptions of the themes, I tried to focus on recording the commentary about them.

SilmFilm Session 4-32: Music

Many thanks to Phillip Menzies for all his awesome themes and for rising to the various challenges presented to him!

Hope theme
Uplifting, associated with Aragorn and will eventually become his theme. The hope theme comes from the first theme of the Ainulindale like the Girdle of Melian. It is associated with young Estel in the frame of Season 1. In Season 4, it could be associated with Edhellos in Episode 6.

Varda theme
Updated and improved Varda theme. This is the music the audience will associate with Varda, not necessarily what the characters in the show hear. “A Elbereth Gilthoniel” may somehow slightly refer to it with the same tinkling melody.

Manwe theme
Updated and improved Manwe theme. “Resistance is Fruitful” theme based on this. Played in higher register. Manwe’s instrument is a flute because it is a wind instrument with a fairly high range and does not have the heavier emotional connotations of other wind instruments.

Hiding of Valinor
Final minutes of Season 3, Episode 13. Montage of a lot of different scenes. Begins with the Doom theme, moves into Manwe and Varda’s themes. Connects to several of the Valar’s themes. Ends with the Awakening of Men. The music really goes with the artwork in the video, even when pictures are not associated with Tolkien’s legendarium, they reflect the themes. Shifting between 4-4 and 3-4 is like what Tolkien does in his poetry. Vaire’s tapestry foreshadows Earendil. Este and Lorien’s themes associated with the enchanted islands. This theme has really good narrative flow.

Of Beleriand and Its Realms
Refers to first theme of the Ainulindale and subcreation, related to the Girdle of Melian theme. Shows each of the realms of Beleriand. Follows the order of the text. Lots of this theme would probably be played during Thuringwethil’s flyover.

Resistance is Fruitful
Associated with Manwe’s theme. Could be played during Maedhros’s training montage, military and training, Fingolfin’s speeches.

Spell of Bottomless Dread
Creepy screeches. Tries to get inside a person’s head. Low notes try to replicate a heartbeat. Based on Melkor’s music, but his triad is getting more ragged to indicate that he is losing power.

Evanescent Lightsomeness
Theme for laughter and joy which fades all too soon rather than just a romantic theme, which is more applicable in Tolkien’s world. Did not have the same uplifting cheerfulness as the hope theme. The fading was present from the beginning. This theme could be played during the Mereth Aderthad or with Men before they are corrupted by Morgoth.

Reconciliation Spectrum
Different stages in the reconciliation journey. Five notes begin each piece, then they change from there. Forgiveness could be Galadriel’s wedding march. Bridging gaps could be Celeborn and Galadriel at the Mereth Aderthad. Applicable to many places in the story.

Hurdy Gurdy Goblin Feet
Played by Sauron in disguise at the Mereth Aderthad. Luthien recognizes what is going and changes it into a humorous song (Tolkien’s “Goblin Feet”). Sauron tries to break back in. Hurdy gurdy dismantled at the end. Some of the text of “Goblin Feet” does not quite fit with the situation. Maybe Noldor could be offended at being called gnomes.

Mereth Aderthad to Gondolin
Noldor and Teleri themes mingle in the beginning. New theme introduced for discovery of Tumladen and Gondolin. Increasing grandeur.

Dragon Dragonhelm
Dragonhelm theme uses notes from the Dragon theme as chords. The Dragon theme uses Morgoth’s triad to show how Dragons are infused with Morgoth’s power. The Dragonhelm theme could be played with a charge into battle.

The Oath of Feanor - SilmFilm Premiere
Uses Dies Irae, which is an ancient chant that has been incorporated in a lot of different soundtracks. Quenya translation of the Oath sung by collaborative choir with people all over the world. Verse and chorus form conveys shift from mere defiance to calling doom upon themselves. Noldor theme and Melkor’s triad woven in.