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Way back at the beginning of this project, I know we made references to what parts of the text we were reading as we went. But that practice stopped some time in Season 1, so I thought I'd just compose a list and post it here, in case anyone was curious. Please feel free to suggest any additions, especially of supplemental materials outside the published Silmarillion!

Season 1
Chapter 1: Of the Beginning of Days
Chapter 2: Of Aulë and Yavanna

Sources outside the published Silmarillion: Tale of Aragorn and Arwen (LotR App A),

Season 2
Chapter 3: Of the Coming of the Elves and the Captivity of Melkor
Chapter 4: Of Thingol and Melian
Chapter 5: Of Eldamar and the Princes of the Eldalië
Chapter 6: Of Fëanor and the Unchaining of Melkor
Chapter 7: Of the Silmarils and the Unrest of the Noldor
Chapter 8: Of the Darkening of Valinor

Sources outside the published Silmarillion: Statute of Finwë and Míriel (HoME X: Morgoth's Ring)

Season 3
Chapter 9: Of the Flight of the Noldor
Chapter 10: Of the Sindar
Chapter 13: Of the Return of the Noldor
Chapter 11: Of the Sun and the Moon and the Hiding of Valinor

Sources outside the published Silmarillion: The Shibboleth of Fëanor (HoME XII: Peoples of Middle-earth)

Season 4
Chapter 14: Of Beleriand and its Realms
Chapter 15: Of the Noldor in Beleriand

Sources outside the published Silmarillion: Ósanwe-kenta (Vinyar Tengwar #39),

Season 5
Chapter 12: Of Men
Chapter 16: Of Maeglin
Chapter 17: Of the Coming of Men into the West
Chapter 18: Of the Ruin of Beleriand and the Fall of Fingolfin

Sources outside the published Silmarillion: Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth (HoME X: Morgoth's Ring)

Season 6
Chapter 19: Of Beren and Lúthien
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We haven't gotten that far yet. I don't know if we plan to include the Nirnaeth in Season 6 with Beren and Lúthien, give it its own entire season, or make it the beginning of the Túrin season (for instance). So, either Season 7 or 8, but TBD.


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We could have Aredhel’s return to Gondolin as a mid-season finale.

And what events do we want to coincide with the Frame?


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This thread really isn't the place to discuss plans for seasons 5+
It's meant to be a place to list resources for reading materials for the already prescribed Seasons of Silm Film. So, for instance, the Osanwe-kenta probably should be added to Season 4 as supplemental material.