Strider and Sam and Frodo, oh my

Kate Neville

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On Strider’s conversation with Sam: I think the Weathertop incident has significantly altered Aragorn’s understanding of not only Frodo, but all the hobbits. As you pointed out, Aragorn has only known one hobbit — Bilbo, and he has never actually seen Bilbo ‘in action’. He admits that he was surprised by Frodo’s courage and, well, moral stamina, despite hints from Gandalf. And I wonder whether he were not also surprised to hear Frodo call out “O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!” How many hobbits could be expected to call on the name of the Queen of the Valar?

Sam has also been chosen, by Gandalf, to be Frodo’s companion — the Ringbearer’s companion. In drawing Sam aside, he is acknowledging that there is a unique bond between him and Frodo, one that even the two of them may not yet be aware of. It’s as if he realizes on some level that if Sam stays strong, Frodo will survive. A thought that will probably come back to him at Parth Galen.

And interesting that having taken the measure of the hobbits, Aragorn acts with much greater surety over the remainder of the journey to Rivendell.