The Adventures of Bobwë


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Blame Trish.

Dave's suggestion that the Three Ambassadors actually consist of Four, with one who does not return, spawned a new character, the Figwit of the SilmFilm Project.


And despite my reaction to this being similar to Spock's at the end of the Star Trek episode the Empath*, I did agree to look up the possible etymology of his name.

It will surprise no one that BOB is not one of the roots given in the etymologies of elvish languages. The similar-sounding BAB is also not an elvish root. Sounds like 'bal,' 'bor,' or 'bel' would be easier to conjure up in an elvish language, of course. Khuzdul is not any more promising for including a syllable like 'bob', but since we know so little of it, it would be difficult to *prove* that it's an impossible combination...there could be a two-consonant root B-B, I suppose, and some way in which making it into 'bob' would make sense.

In Nevbosh (a more likely 'language' to contain a name like Bobwë), 'bosh' is nonsense and 'bocte' is pocket. But at least we got a 'bo-' sound! [Not that I think I'll be able to invent a method by which Bosh-we becomes Bobwë.] Still, the meaning is attractive....

It might make more sense to try to translate the name Bob into Quenya. Like so....
ROBERT, ROBIN (m.) - Old Ger. 'fame + bright'; alcar "glory, splendour, brillance"; calima "bright", thus Alcarcalimo
(translation by Ales Bican)

And so, here is a thread for any discussions of the further adventures of Bobwë, that mysterious elf....

*4:24 on this video:


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The question is, why doesn't Bobwë return? Maybe he is a very, very adventurous person, who says: 'you guys go along, I'll catch up, don't worry, I'll find you, I'm an excellent tracker' and then ends up far east, where he hangs out, battles Morgoth and Sauron when they do their tours there...and eventually he teams up with Pallando. After the Fall of Numenor, he could inspire countless generations of elves and men to find Valinor by an eastern route.