The great cavern war part 6 -Virgil


(The past chapters were world building. If I had to be honest with myself I would say this is where it begins to get good. If anybody disagrees please let me know. I could never tell if world building is more important than character development. I repeated the words "there he sat" to try and invoke fear but i'm not sure if this was the right idea. The next chapter is a flashback where we see how Virgil is a bad ass. Virgil is my version of Saruman.)

The Raven was not a nice place to live in. Soldier patrolled the streets but there were more like street thugs. Gaius and Ticius wanted to deliever the letter and get out as fast as they could. They pretty much ran to the tower in the upper top of the city. Once they got into the tower they were greeted by a most horrible and awesome sight. This Thing was at least 10 feet tall and was ugly. It had dark pink skin and its face looked like a porcupine. It had horns on its back and arms. It made no motion to attack it just stared blankly.

“It won’t attack us it knows me.” Said Ticius. The halls of the tower were black and grey no sound could be heard. Soon they were met by a lady named Marion. She was the apprentice of Virgil and was seen as an enemy of Ticius. Marion was quite beautiful and had long flowing red hair. She teased Ticius because she attained the rank of Mage while Ticius was only an apprentice. Right now, she didn’t dare say a word. She walked with the two into a large room and there he sat on a throne of black. There he sat the man of bitterness. There he sat the man of darkness. There he sat the man of utter cruelty. There he sat the man of wraith. There sat Virgil the most feared and ruthless man in all the CDF. Marion stood off to the side of the room while Gaius and Ticius kneeled in front of a brazier that gave the room a little light. Virgil could not be seen. He was wearing a black robe and did not even look up at the two boys. The robe covered his face and body. Virgil maintained a superiority complex and barley spoke to anyone at all. Gaius looked at his friend and saw Ticius visible shaking. Ticius began to sweat and soon fell down. He was flat on his face and tears began to flow. Ticius then threw up on the floor and was convulsing. Marion and two other aides had to carry him out of the room. Eventually Ticius made it back to the inn. Later Ticius would explain what happened. Ticius would tell Gaius of why his own father would treat him that way but right now Gaius was left alone with power and cruelty personified. Gaius began to think that he was already dead. He was so scared and felt sorry for his friend but he had a duty to perform and slowly he spoke.

“I carry a letter for you.” After he said these words the universe went black. Gaius woke up in the inn next to his friend Ticius. He wondered what on earth happened.

Virgil sat alone in his chamber and read the letter. He soon burned it on the brazier and called in Marion. Marion had the other two aides carry Ticius back to the inn but remained not far from Virgil. His voice was deep and commanding. No smile or laughter would ever cross his mouth again. “Take this fool back to the inn” Vergil said this while pointing towards Gaius. “Then I want you to release that demon I captured then return to me.” Marion knew better then to argue and did as he commanded. Virgil was alone again and he started to remember his past. He remembers how he studied at the university. He remembers how he did his research on Shamgar. He knew he could beat him. He knew he was going to win. The day of the duel he fell ill. It was some new strange poison. He first thought it was Shamgar. Evidence convinced him of Trishia and how Dante faked the investigation that led him to his current state. He looked down at his stomach and etched in searing red flame were the words “If any of you see the sun or skies of grey. Your skin and bones will be blown away.” He remembered the war of the Undead. It was the Mighty Virgil who slain the Vampire. He had help of course but he was the one who dealt the fatal blow. There was an object of immense power that he found but before he could get it Marion entered and knelt before her master. Virgil walked behind his throne and picked up his staff. He gave it to Marion and said you are now a mage and gently stroked her check. You were always so beautiful and you kept me warm many nights. A small tear ran down his face and he gave his final instructions. “I want you to make a proclamation to abandon The Raven tell the people to flee the coming destruction. Inside my staff are scrolls that contain my spells. I want you to join Gaius and Ticius on their mission. Most importantly I want you to find out who did this to me. Who was the bastard that poisoned me and destroy him or her. I want you to grow in power and be my hand of vengeance.” Marion looked at Virgil and said "Yes Master I will be your vengeance." She cried a little and made her way out of the tower. Virgil sat back on his throne and remembered more of his past.