1. Cryios099

    Taken down

    I posted my story on another internet forum and it got taken down. The reason given was "We do not allow fan fiction on our site." I'm not interested if my work is fan fiction or not. Its meant to be a fun adventure to the surface world about three boys with totally different worldviews. The...
  2. Cryios099

    The great cavern war part 6 -Virgil

    (The past chapters were world building. If I had to be honest with myself I would say this is where it begins to get good. If anybody disagrees please let me know. I could never tell if world building is more important than character development. I repeated the words "there he sat" to try...
  3. Cryios099

    The Great Cavern was part 5 The Raven

    After some time, Gaius and Ticius finally received the orders they had been waiting for. A passage has been discovered that leads back to the surface world! They were called into the office of the Mayor. The Mayor was a well-dressed polite man who know his orders well from the king. He...
  4. Cryios099

    The Great Cavern war part three magic - MacDuff

    Gaius was next up and took his turn to try and impress the teacher. He picked up the sword and slashed at the dummy in front of him. After a couple of slashes the thing went down. “Very impressieve that you didn’t run away.” The teacher responded coldly. “You are now a proud member of the...
  5. Cryios099

    The Great Cavern war part 1 - Macduff

    "There are no wizards, dragons, centaurs, demons,devils,ruff riders, frensis, giant spiders, hydras, drakes, phenoix's, druids, elf's, gargoyles, griffons, stone giants, titans, skeletons, wraiths, vampires, litches, witches, warlocks, cyclops, goblins, minotars or half-lings around here. So...
  6. Cryios099

    A fairy story

    I was listening to a lecture on exploring the lord of the rings and he kept saying "a fairy story." This was in regarding Tolkien work "on fairy stories." He must of mentioned those words about 15 times and it stirred something sleeping in my brain. I remembered listening to this lecture by a...