The Great Cavern was part 5 The Raven


After some time, Gaius and Ticius finally received the orders they had been waiting for. A passage has been discovered that leads back to the surface world! They were called into the office of the Mayor. The Mayor was a well-dressed polite man who know his orders well from the king. He looked at Gaius and Ticius and said to an aide “Where is the third lad?” The third lad did at last appear. It was Alexander the fat kid who wanted lunch. Another surprise came when it was revealed that Alexander was the son of King Dante and Queen Trishia! Nobody would of ever believed this at first meeting of the young boy. He was in training to become a priest. The mayor informed the group that they were to take the information about the passage in the form of letters. One letter was for Virgil another for Paramaximus and another for the King and queen. They were to be accompanied by two scouts. These two were to teach the young lads about survival training in the wild. The married couple soon came into the office and introduced themselves. The sharp-eyed Sarah and her Husband Lewis. They were both clad in leather and could move fast. Sarah could use a bow better than any in the CDF and Lewis was good with a knife. These two came from the north in Gilgalid. These two were actual real soldiers not the crap that Gaius was used to. Sarah was drop dead gorgeous and she had long black hair. Her eyes were like piecing flame. Gaius liked to look at her but he knew that if he stared to long, he would get a knife in the back by Lewis. Both of them were short and they had to be because their greatest weapon was stealth. During the travels Sarah would stop and teach Gaius a few things about traveling. How to Trap Lizards and how to fish if they ran out of food.

The company or fellowship as some people call them started off the next day. They all said goodbyes to everybody and Giaus was soon off on his first adventure. They needed to be on foot because of the training there were about to endure. Alexander had a pretty awesome spell that he knew. He could summon a cloud and ride on it. He was too fat to run so he did this and that thing could fly fast and it was silent. The journey itself was boring. The roads were patrolled by the CDF and no bandits roamed as of yet. Sarah and Lewis were stop sometimes and tell the lads about what types of mushrooms they could eat and what they couldn’t. About two days travel they soon came to “The Raven” Ticius could feel his father presence and started to shudder.

The two rangers explained how the land was emptier as they got closer to The Raven city. Less noise was heard from wild lizards and less insects were around. There were farms scattered around that Virgil used to feed his people but they were poorly maintained. The people of “The Raven” were always hungry and afraid. Vergil had a reputation of being cruel and ruled his land with an iron fist and gave little care to the needs and wants of the city. When the commoners saw the son of Virgil coming, they ran away scared. Alexander was scared and said “Nope not going this way. I go home now.” After these words he dashed away in a flash on his cloud and was soon gone. “He will be alright Said Lewis Let’s stop here we need to talk for a while. Once we get into the city proper me and Sarah will rent two room at the inn. One for us and one for you two. The name of the Inn is Midnight Dreary.” Lewis then handed the letter to Gaius for Vergil to read.
Hey! I would love to see the actual revelation about Alexander - get to know people by their reactions. And how was the news broken?? Did Alexander tell (is he pompous about it?) or did the Mayor tell in a "also protect this kid" way?

I would call it just the company for now - I mean who are the 'some people' who call this little group of five anything at all?

How do we know that Sarah is good with a bow? i guess i just want to know *details* of this intriguing adventure!!

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