The Moon is a Harsh Mistress


I'm 17 chapters in, and I think it would be really helpful if someone can put their hands on a Glossary for this book. I'm relying on my High School Russian, but it's not covering all of the slang.
I have the audiobook, and I find that you just sort of absorb it from context with enough meaning to get by.
Just a note on a couple ways that people are addressed in the book:
  • Guspodin/Guspozha is like Senor/Senora in Spanish; a formal greeting in standard Russian
  • Grazhdanin/Grazhdanka means Citizen/Citizeness in standard Russian
  • Tovarisch = Comrade (for both sexes, from old USSR usage) used in the book more to indicate a member of the resistance
  • Droog = friend (as was also true of Clockwork Orange)