Total Immersion: Saga of the Shield-Maiden, Grimhildyn Bold


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Hey, y'all! So I see it's still pretty quiet in here. See if I can't drum up some interest and conversation. I'm working on starting a total immersion storyline. Once the story begins, everything will be done IC and as realistically as possible, all in order to further the storyline. Still in the process of getting it set up and arranged, plus doing some brainstorming. But! I want to invite y'all RPers (and non RP-ers if you want to give it a try) to join me in the storyline at times.

The story so far is of a young Dale woman, proud and fearless and reckless, who ran away from home in order to make her own name, free of family expectations and reputations so she might have a touch of her own immortality through deeds of renown. She traveled West with a band of dwarves to Bree, where she decided to stay and begin her quest. I have some ideas brewing for a more specific one, but those need some more research into Norse and Anglo-Saxon literature, as well as some more Dale research.

She's also inspired by Húrin at the Nirnaeth, so there's a sense of fatalism mixed with hope, perhaps making her a bit of a berserker. Primarily though, the story is more in the feel of the old saga that inspired Tolkien when he was young. So, especially with cosmetics, I'm going for a chain hauberk, fur, simplistic helmet look. If anyone has suggestions or feedback, feel free to throw them my way. I'm brand new at this aspect, so I'm charting new territory for myself.


I always admire those who manage Total Immersion storylines. Are you going to go by the in-game day/night cycle? Also, if you need a hand or want a friend, I've got a list of my RP characters and their current locations on the roster thread.

Good luck!


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Thanks, ramz! Appreciate it!

Yeah, plan is to go by the day/night cycle unless needed by the story of some sort, but that will be adjusted for. And sweet! Thanks for that! I'll probably hit you up once this is fully up and running. If things would ever make sense, I'd even be down to bring her in to cross paths with the kin rp campaign.