Warden Gambits 101


I got into a chat the other day with people who were saying that "Warden is too hard". I responded that, by converting Gambits into Key Strokes, you could do the half dozen you use all the time into 2-3 keystrokes. Attached is the result.

1. Before Level 21 you should focus on getting used to the whole "select a step + activate it" mechanic because that's what Warden is all about. Honestly you can pretty much spam any action and survive (if you are using First Aid whenever someone poisons you).
2. At Level 21 you learn the 2-action builders which speeds up the mechanic except that they each have a significant cooldown in melee. Because you might not have access to every one all the time I provide (where possible) multiple ways to do the same thing.
3. This sheet doubles up the ranged/melee Gambits into a single line because they are built the same way. The descriptions are for melee effects because that's what I use and most of the time the effects are the same. YMMV


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I'm guessing there was supposed to be an attachment to this? I was looking forward to it, I only have one Warden and I haven't brought him out to play in ages :(


The forum didn't like Excel, so I had to convert to jpg. The "builders" file is a list of the keys the game gives you to build with. I define each with a letter. The "gambits" file shows how you can use these keys to generate any gambit.