What is Gandalf's job?

Steve Melisi

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Very timely, I just listened to ep 159 at the same time as I was wrapping up my annual LOTR read. Hit this passage in Homeward Bound, with Gandalf talking to the hobbits and he in essence gives his job description. "My time is over: it is no longer my task to set things to rights, nor to help folk to do so." It's a pretty broad description, of course, and open to much interpretation -- but one i think all the wizards took to heart. Because is it too far-fetched to say that this was ALL of their jobs? To set things to rights and help folk to do so? Not a bad idea -- we should all do the same, no?

As for them, they have all approached the task in their own particular idiom -- after having gone frankly native, also in their own particular idiom. Let's face it, this IS sort of what they were doing. Gandalf of course was the mover of all that had been accomplished. Radagast took things on a smaller scale, though, and dealt with the birds and beasts -- and who's to say he didnt set many things to rights there? And I don't mean merely saving a hedgehog. As for Saruman, it could be argued that he took the road of trying to defeat the Enemy -- the only thing worthy of being set to rights, as surely Gandalf felt -- but his choice was to do it with the Enemy's own weapons. Alas he fell victim to the powers of the Enemy, not realizing how they could corrupt.