Wigend and the quest to level for Modor


Been listening to Corey as usual, as most of us have been. Specifically his Gryflet stream on Friday's. He is wanting to take Wigend through the Mordor Book quest line on a up coming live stream marathon during a Support drive. Wigend is 104 at the moment, and he was planning on running him through some of the opening landscape quest in Mordor to get him to 108 (ish) before doing the live stream.
I have a suggestion for him and want to run it by all of you to see what you all think. I was planning on just sending a PM to Trish and Druidsfire with this, but thought it might be better to get more input from people here.

I've been playing a long time, and I think the best way for him to be ready for the Black Book of Mordor quest line is to...

1 - Get 2 other players at 130 to run him through Warg pens multiple times until he is level 106, should not take more then 1 hour, and for sure less then 2 hours. (with or with out xp tomes)

2 - Run as many Missions as you can from Annak-Khurfu (war room), another great way to level, Solo, or with a Duo. Plus the fact he will get Motes of enchantment that he can barter for the gear that will give him Light of Earendil that he is looking for, (although I think devs did nerf the real need for this gear in Mordor a year or 2 ago, it still is nice to have in there).

3 - He did mention that although Gryflet wont be going to Mordor probably for another year or 2, he did not want to spoil the landscape quest for him with Wigend. Doing the leveling this way will keep that from happening.

I would also suggest that he levels to 110 before starting any Black book of Mordor quest, or at least 109, because then at 110 he can start the allegiance quest line and gain xp and some gear that way too, not mention a great port to a hub that will take you almost anywhere in game.

This is my suggestions for Corey, I would like to hear comments about this and have some one plant this seed in Corey's ear if at all possible.

Thanks all,



Forgot to add something about this. When doing Warg Pens to level, set the level of instance 7 levels above Wigend's level that way you get the most xp. If you have 2 130 dps class helping it will be a breeze. I have leveled a few of my alts this way duel boxing a lowbe with my sons 130 Hunter, put my lowbe on follow, except to pick up meat scraps, and just basically soloed the whole run. With xp boost I have gained 4 levels in less then a hour.