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    Chronology and Gandalf decoy plan

    Forgive my ignorance of the map, which may make this a ridiculous point, but is it possible that, by the time he knows that the Riders have given up chasing him, they're already so far into the Ettinmoors that the Ford is simply closer than the Bridge? That's the only way I see his assumption...
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    Chronology and Gandalf decoy plan

    After some serious thought I would say that my answer is essentially the same as to the Ford question: what do you expect Gandalf to do about the Last Bridge? I see the same problems with him simply camping out there, as I do with him either camping in front of the Ford or sending some elves to...
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    Chronology and Gandalf decoy plan

    I think part of the reason is that Gandalf himself minimizes it. Perhaps when he mentions drawing off four of the Nazgul, that included drawing them off of the Last Bridge, although why he wouldn't emphasize that, I don't know.
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    Chronology and Gandalf decoy plan

    First, regarding the discrepancy between the main body of the text and Appendix B, Gandalf says Frodo bore the splinter for 17 days, while the journey from Weathertop seems to have taken one day less than that. Could it be possible that his treatment lasted long enough to cross a date boundary...
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    Solstice Poetry Followup

    Having just realized that I completely flaked out on the solstice poetry reading (I appreciate that another reader stepped in to present my submission anyway, and I apologize for the inconvenience) I wanted to offer to give the introduction I was going to give at the reading here instead. My...
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    Series concept: Writer's Toolbox

    I put "Writer's Toolbox" in the subject line so you would recognize it. Let me if I need to resend it.
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    Series concept: Writer's Toolbox

    I sent you an email, but my email is still registered under my dead name FYI.
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    Series concept: Writer's Toolbox

    Yes that is about it. And you're welcome to present on other Mythgard people's work if that's what's inspired you. The idea came in part from my experience delving into the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics audio archive, which is all online (though listed under "Naropa Institute...
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    Series idea: Writer's Toolbox

    I posted this in the "Special Interests" forum already, but that area is fairly unfrequented now so I thought I'd repost it here. I also recognize that I may not have done a great job explaining my idea or how it would actually work, and I'm happy to clarify/explicate as needed. Would anyone...
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    Series concept: Writer's Toolbox

    Would anyone else be interested in a seminar series on smaller pieces (songs, short poems and perhaps ocassional excerpts from longer ones) from a writer's perspective (i.e. with a view to the use of techniques and the creative process as well as ways other writers might repurpose said methods...
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    Of Orc counting and incomplete knowledge

    I feel obliged to mention, in connection with the orc question, that human pilots fighting other humans have gleefully counted kills since the beginning of combat aviation (which was in WWI, and thus potentially within Tolkien's knowledge). Neither I nor Tolkien am completely comfortable with...
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    Orcs and the cycle of abuse

    While Corey is right that there is no perfect solution to the orc problem, here is the one I've settled on, which, as far as I've seen, has yet to be brought up. Basically it comes down to the difference between redemption being a theoretical possibility and a practicable reality. While, in an...
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    Possible Paper Topic: Tolkien and the Beats

    The Christopher Tolkien memorial symposium has re-inspired me to think about comparisons between Tolkien and the Beat writers, specifically because I think they are the closest example we have of another author for whom there is possibly as much documentation of the creative process as there is...
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    The Baggins Uncertainty Principle

    This may be venturing too far into areas of the text we haven't reached yet, in which case, feel free to repost it in the General area. I had never thought about it before but Ijust realized that Sauron may never actually know that the "Baggins" he heard about from Gollum and the "Baggins" the...
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    Expanding to other genres?

    So I've finally just accepted that MMOs/RPGs in general aren't my thing. While I enjoyed playing through the Shire and some of the other early areas, the actual meat of the gameplay (particularly combat) became steadily more of an annoyance until I eventually decided it wasn't worth slogging...