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    Rocks and grass...

    All great posts! If the rocks, trees, and grass are inhabited by some sort of spirit, (which I would not rule out) I think they would be much more down the spirit ladder then Goldberry/ Tom, Old Man Willow, or Caradhras. there is no way to be sure of course, but that's why thinking about...
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    Rocks and grass...

    In the middle of listening to the last episode dealing with Legolas telling the fellowship what he is hearing from the rocks, grass and trees in Eregion . I have to say that I beleive that the rocks do remember the Noldor and how they delved and wrought them. I don't think that they are...
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    Wigend and the quest to level for Modor

    Forgot to add something about this. When doing Warg Pens to level, set the level of instance 7 levels above Wigend's level that way you get the most xp. If you have 2 130 dps class helping it will be a breeze. I have leveled a few of my alts this way duel boxing a lowbe with my sons 130...
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    Wigend and the quest to level for Modor

    Been listening to Corey as usual, as most of us have been. Specifically his Gryflet stream on Friday's. He is wanting to take Wigend through the Mordor Book quest line on a up coming live stream marathon during a Support drive. Wigend is 104 at the moment, and he was planning on running him...
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    Looking ahead, and let us not forget...

    This last episode has just brought to mind something I have been struggling with for what now 80 years? only a few, can we not keep reading this work of literature, without stopping and thinking about what we "already know"? Lets face it, most of us that are really listing to this...
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    Congrats on finishing LOTR! You will find the more your reread LOTR, the more you will enjoy , and get out of it. The Silmarillion will be a harder quest for completion, but stay with it and don't over worry too much about getting lost in all the named characters, and places. By end of book...
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    another quote

    Did he get the reference?
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    Letters from Uncle Bilbo

    Should this letter have been one from Bilbo after he left The Shire, I would think it would not have been delivered by "The Post", but rather would probably been hand delivered by a Dwarf. So the chances of The Conspirators knowing about it I think are slim. It is also plain that Bilbo did not...
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    Letters from Uncle Bilbo

    That would explain things if that was the case, but I never took his remark about his last letter to be that letter. It always seemed to say it was a letter he received later, at least to me.
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    Letters from Uncle Bilbo

    I just finished listening to session 103 and have a couple questions about the talk of why Frodo does not know that Bilbo is in Rivendell. There was a lot of discussion about why Frodo never was told or, received a letter from Bilbo telling him where he ended up staying. There were some that...
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    I played it a few time back when it came out with Kinmates on Meneldor. It is a version of freeeze tag. person who is it has to "tag" the others playing, and that player gets frozen untill someone else "un-freezes" them. If I remember correctly to be unfrozzen you have to be touch the frozen...
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    Songbook, Poetical and Maestro

    Awesome! Glad to know you have them all working. Your going to love making ABC files to play in game. Have fun!
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    Songbook, Poetical and Maestro

    Hi Lalaith! I think I can help you out a bit, if you have not found the solutions already. Maestro is a Java program, and needs that to run. Not sure if you downloaded that also. But on this page for Maestro Maestro page you will find the latest version 2.5.0 link and just below it a link to...
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    Moria Observation

    Love that observation and analogy JJ, and FothDauntless, Yeah I think of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
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    The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

    Well done! Not a easy song to sing, while not a jaw cracker as Sam would say, it is for sure a tongue tripper!