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    Session 3.13 - S3Ep8: The Burning of the Ships

    Thanks, So all of the Falathrim does simply leave their Villages, Houses, Towns and two cities to get sacked and goes out on ships? Why was this chosen instead of what happens in the books? So the two armies that comes back from the siege in the books, now comes back from sacking the cities...
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    Noldorin princes and their crafts

    I think for many of the leaders and nobles there would be alot of managing kingdoms so that would make limited time for hobbies.
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    Noldorin princes and their crafts

    Maedhros was hunting with Finrod and Maglor after the loss of his right hand and he was a good swordsman and a fierce warrior after so he can atleast Hunt and fight with only one hand.
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    Mount Dolmed

    Yes but if we would show Mount Dolmed and Ossiriand in one picture like the first one you posted.
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    I was thinking of something to create an effect like this: for forests like Doriath, Ossiriand and other southern ones. Yakushima Forest Japan:
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    Mount Dolmed

    But if we are going to show Ossiriand in there, i get the feeling Ossiriand is not a Evergreen forest but greenleaf/deciduous forest.
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    Session 3.13 - S3Ep8: The Burning of the Ships

    So i guess i just come in here, euhm. 1) Because Feanor is a very hot-tempered elf and he says "Let those who cursed my name, curse me still and whine their ways back to the cage of valar! Let the ships burn!, This could possibly be shown in the camp before his followers goes over on the...
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    First Age Elf Armor

    Well the there is no plate in Middle earth possibly could the Valar use it but both Men, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs use mail. But to different the soldiers up is quite important, so not the Falamari, Elves of Hithlum, Feanoreans, Gondolrim, Belegost dwarves, Sindar, Orcs of Morgoth and men of...
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    Elven military

    Well, the Noldor does not seem like an army who strictly uses formations like Phalanx or Testudo but does more seem to rely on charges and valiantly and fierce cut through the enemy ranks. - At Nirnaeth Arnoediad when Gwindor decides to attack he does that in a fierce charge. - At the...