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    Announcing the Eighth Annual Symphony of Light!

    Love to have you!
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    Announcing the Eighth Annual Symphony of Light!

    Just to give folks a taste ... we didn't do one this year, but this was the promotional video made for last year's event:
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    Announcing the Eighth Annual Symphony of Light!

    Event Announcement: On Friday September 22, 2017, the Sons of Numenor kinship will host the 8th Symphony of Light! What is it? What do you need to do? Simple. Show-up for however many hours you can be in-game between 8 p.m. EST and about 12 midnight EST (on the Landroval server). Being a...
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    Epic battels

    I'll keep eyes peeled for this, as well. I do enjoy the BBs, especially on Daerin (who has a bit of experience into them). My availability is rather similar to Fin's during the week, and not far from Gravidy's on the weekend. It appears like the best time to try and get something together is...
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    Guardian Armor After the Armour of the Indomitable Protector

    Well, there's a real gap in sets between 85 and 100. At 100, you would be looking at the DA or Osgiliath sets, and MT vendors have some as well. Those are essence sets, and pretty good - in fact, my Nitesh still is in the set of Heavy Nadhin armour I got for him in DA doing the City Watch...
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    Epic battels

    Well, they ARE rough to do solo, Rosie ... though some are better than others (Dike, for instance, and I would probably put Coomb in that category, too). However, all of them will probably be somewhat frustrating until you get yourself fairly well promoted in your choice of Captain, Engineer...
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    Epic battels

    BTW, keeping Gamling alive in his spot on top of the wall spanning the Dike's causeway isn't too tough ... so long as you set up the approach well. That's part of what I'm referring to by arranging it before starting the battle. Both the tower quest and the supplies quest (and keeping Gamling...
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    Epic battels

    Ah ... it figures you kids kicked this off whilst I was off on vacation! Fin, Gravidy - you're not alone in enjoying BBs. Especially, for me, the Helm's Deep ones - still kinda get my head wrapped around the ones in Gondor. Rosie, I'm glad you were able to get into it; I'd be happy to help...
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    Draigoch Raid? (lvl 75+)

    Curious where this stands, atm ...
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    Mini moot

    Hm ... don't think I have anything going on that day at that time - if I do, it's either family or local friend stuff that I don't know about yet. If that proves out, I'll try to drop in for a bit.
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    Let's group up for scavenging!

    Starts out at the Party Tree.
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    LOTRO 101 Video

    John, I'll be happy to lend a hand as I'm able and have knowledge. I won't say I'm the last or most advanced word on *any* of the following - but I like to think I can help make Hunter and Guardian more accessible to folks, and also give some good tips to handling and working with LIs and the...
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    Let's group up for scavenging!

    It'd be nice if we could concentrate some effort on the early Saturday/Sunday hours, for sake of folks like Phil. Weekday work schedules make it SO hard, otherwise, on other than an individual basis; but the weekends are so good for that. Otherwise, the weeknights are great times too!
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    Pre-Mythgard Draigoch Anyone?

    Tell us how it went, Trish!
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    Scavenger Hunts

    Phil, if you haven't made in further progress with Ala or Obunt by Saturday, we can give it another try ...