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Abrazân is the elder son of Queen Azrâindil of the Haradrim. More brawny than his brother Arnûben, he becomes another pupil of Gandalf this season. Unlike his brother Arnûben, Abrazân does not turn on Gandalf and flees Harad after the coup where his mother is killed and the city falls to Sauron. Abrazân will appear in later seasons and have some interactions with Aragorn when the latter is on his travels in Gondor, where the Dunedain is operating under the name Thorongil.

Alfred Enoch plays the strong and silent Dean Thomas in Harry Potter, as well as the grim Wesley in How to Get Away with Murder and a war vet in Trust Me. He's of English and Brazilian heritage (his mother has Barbadian descent). While Wesley isn't a particularly popular character, Enoch also won acclaim as Edgar/Poor Tom in Talawa Theatre Company and Manchester Royal Exchange's King Lear, for the physicality of his portrayal.

Alfred Enoch
Age: 32
Height: 6'4"
Roles: Dean Thomas in Harry Potter, Wesley Gibbins/Christopher Castillo in How to Get Away with Murder, Aeneas in Troy: Fall of a City, Cpl. James McCain in Trust Me

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Elliot Edusah. IMDb
Age unknown, but I think he could be the 20-something older brother. He's been in 1917 and Small Axe.


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The older son in our Harad storyline is forthright; he is easily frustrated by delayed action, and will sooner resort to confrontation than engage in political maneuvering. He is a Boromir-like character who will reject the influence of Sauron and be forced to flee his home city. Eventually, he will make his way to Ecthelion's court in Gondolin, where he will be present when Thorongil arrives there in later seasons.

Jason Derulo
Age: 31
Height: 6' (1.82 m)

We're looking for someone who's a bit of a jock, and can be very physical in this role. He's used to pushing his weight around. This singer was a high school basketball player and he's a trained dancer (ballet, tap, jazz). He appeared as a heavyweight boxer in an episode of Lethal Weapon (2016). He's performed with Lady Gaga. He's not being paid to sponsor that Vodka in the photo below; he has controlling stakes in the company that makes it. I think he'd enjoy getting to play a crown prince!



He is excellent at singing and dancing, and apparently does not mind taking on a role where there is an inherent level of the character being a bit ridiculous and mocked by other characters. He was the Rum Tum Tugger in Cats 2019, so he went through cat doors, sang about always being on the wrong side of every door, and expressed 'curiosity' in an odd way. And while the role demands flirting with a lot of women...they're all dressed as cats, so...it's just very weird.

I dare you to watch this clip:

Seriously, if you were an actor on that project, I think you would welcome an opportunity to take on a role in a more serious drama!
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