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I think we're looking for a really nice guy, basically, to play the Maia (associated with Yavanna) who later on becomes Radagast the brown. I think he appeared in season one briefly or did a cameo, and he will only appear in the background or shorter scenes this season, but he is important and we have to make him noticeable. I nominate Dev Patel. He is 26 years old (of course, as all actors who play Maiar are). He is a well known actor and will be noticed, and he seems to be a really nice guy, so, there it is.



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I also nominate Mark Ruffalo. He's older than Patel but also seems to be a nice guy. I also think that he could play a little slow - and I don't mean unintelligent but actually slow paced, reflective, which in combination with a love of animals and plants will drive Curumo crazy and jump to conclusions about Aiwendil's capability.

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I nominate Matthew Lewis. I only know him as Neville Longbottm in the Harry Potter series, but that's exactly why I'm nominating him. Neville's a kind soul who has a remarkable aptitude for plants (not hard to imagine this extending to animals as well, in this role). I can see Lewis (as Radagast) exhibiting a deep love and fascination for Middle Earth and being unfairly overlooked by Curumo as a waste of time. I didn't notice the trend in the Maiar actors' ages but he's 27, so there you go.


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I picture a Radagast that is somewhat quiet, maybe a bit stern, awkward, but kind. One that might like to walk alone with the beasts in peace, but is resourceful and eager to do things that he likes with others as well.

I nominate Vincent D'Onofrio could be a good fit. He's a really good actor and has good range. He's probably most known for playing Wilson Fisk in Daredevil, but he has had a good variety of roles. I think that Vincent could blend well into Radagast and give him a rugged look. He's been in some movies lately, for example in The Magnificent Seven.

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