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I've noticed, reading the season outline, that eol in our version seems to be part of a small tribe/ clan. He has servants and is at last not completely alone... So we have another faction we'll have to dress up for this season. I think eols people ( " eolrim") do look visually different from the doriathrim, falathrim and lindi - the other three big elven tribes we get to learn to know in this season.

So any guesses? Do we have ideas for a historical analogy?

I have already brought up the early medieval skandinavians as possible inspiration for the falathrim. The doriathrim... Did we suppose a vague celtic influence for them? For the noldor we have vague roman/ greek references... I guess we have the lindi a bit similar to early germanic tribes. So what to do about the avari? I guess their culture has changed since the cuivienen days... As they are latecomers to beleriand i guess they might also have been refugees from some peril in the east, much similar to the lindi.
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Unfortunately, it has now been decided that Eol will be bumped back to Season 4. He will no longer appear in Season 3.

On the plus side, we will have another year to design his outfits!