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Balin has also come up in the Frame discussion, since he visits Bilbo after the Hobbit and the idea is that Bilbo accompanies him and Gandalf on an anniversary of the resounding of Erebor and of the Battle of the Five Armies. The other concept is that Balin begins thinking of reestablishing Moria, as foreshadowing of Turgon taking those under him and founding Gondolin, an “underground” kingdom.

This is a role that I’d like to carryover from The Hobbit, as I think Ken Stott did a fine job depicting Balin as the Company’s elder statesman.

Ken Stott
Age: 63
Height: 5’7”
Roles: DI McCall in Shallow Grave, Balin in The Hobbit



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Well, he’s Teeebeard, but if we’re ok with using him again...
I think the rule is that an actor can be cast again if one role is a voice role. For example, Javier Bardem has been cast as Azaghal, but I’m aiming to cast him as the voice of Glaurung.


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So an update on what we are looking for:
Balin is old, friendly, and outgoing - smiling face. Everyone's favorite grandfather.
(So, basically, nothing new there)