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Bereg is a Man of what will become the House of Hador.

The Hosts suggest that Bereg is a man in his 40s; not a fighter, he's a farmer. Nonetheless he does have some common sense, which carries over into his idea to leave Beleriand and stay out of Morgoth's way, a decision he makes good on.

Mackenzie Crook has played a number of notable supporting roles throughout his career, often as a bit of a bumbler and an astonishing amount of good things to say. For example in Game of Thrones he's the unlucky third wheel in Jon's relationship with Ygritte, but provides a lot of insight about the nature of wargs.

Height: 5'9"
Age: 49
Roles: Ragetti in Pirates of the Caribbean, Daniel Marks in Ironclad, Orell in Game of Thrones