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Haakon, you threw me off here. I thought I was done casting. But we should have at least two options for every character...

Daniel Radcliffe- IMDB Page

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Woah, woah, woah. Put away your pitchforks and hear me out. "Is this supposed to be funny?!" Well, yes and no- it's funny in the sense that you probably laughed when you saw that I nominated him (the picture I chose probably didn't help.) It's not funny in the sense that the more you think about it, the more the horror sets in that he'd be an excellent Bilbo Baggins. Let's look at the facts.

Daniel Radcliffe:
- stands at only 5'5" making him the prime height for Hobbiturization through movie magic (no pun intended.) He's standing next to Katie Holmes in the picture above, and she is 5'9" (give or take her heels.)
- is 26 years old. That's young for Bilbo coming to Rivendell now, but in 10-odd years when we get to the actual Hobbit narrative, he'll be 35 years old which is close to 50 in Hobbit-years.
- is the bumbling, nervous epitome of Britishness in real life. Go look up an interview with him. He's awkward as all get out. Very Baggins-ish. However...
- can also play the hero. You know what I'm talking about- Part One and Part Two.

Believe me. I'm just as disappointed in how perfect of a Bilbo he would be as you are.