Celeborn's sister


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Celeborn's sister - should look like a relative of Celeborn; firm and reserved; isolationist, rarely speaks. Mysterious. Intimidating. [Mandos role] Tony's suggestion: 'beautiful woodswitch'

So this is Celeborn, Patrick Wilson:

images-1.jpg images.jpg images.jpg
The picture in the middle is from Aquaman, and the one to the right is from the television series Fargo (second season).

He was born in -73.

Let's start looking! (And give her a name...!)


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Suggestions have included: Galathil, Evranin, or Nielthi. We should raise this point next session, and get a decision on it.


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I still like evranin.But even if we merge the characters i think we still COULD devise a new name...

I took a look into david salos neo-silvan..

Tree: galad, oron
Silver:telf, telfin
silvan : lind
sister: theles
Star:el, tim

Tuil -spring
larm -elm
Nind -pool
feron, fern -beech

I don't know...
one maybe could work with something like these?

Feronnî? Elfernî? Telfinnî?Telfor(o)nî ?Elfernind?

As i understood so far the concern was that her name should have a treeish-association, but should not sound too much like Galadriel... so not anytjing like Galadnî, Galatuil, Galadlind, Galadgwind or Galadine...

I like the name Evranin, but its probably nin - tear, waters, wet and evra , of unknown meaning, but which could be related to forms meaning," future, tomorrow, person, will be or steadfast"... so nothing remotely treeish