Elf Costuming - before the Darkening of the Trees


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There are plenty of people who design, make, wear and photograph costumes of these characters. Of course, they may be based on popular artwork, historical dress or personal inspiration. They certainly all wouldn't work in the same project, but we can take ideas of what we'd like to use in this project from some of those.

For this thread, I would like to request that people credit the costumers and photographers, and refrain from commenting overly much on the 'model' wearing the costume. This isn't the place to comment on whether or not this person is your idea of an actor to represent the character (and I don't only say that because there will be a lot of girls as male characters).

When possible, include full-body shots so the entire costume is visible, unless the whole point is some detail of beading/embroidery/what have you.

If you don't know where to start looking, I recommend this facebook group:
Silmarillion Cosplayers

To start things off: Míriel and Indis, the noontide of Valinor

Indis: Houkakyou Cosplay & Photography
Míriel: CheeseCakePanda cosplay
Photograph by: Bloomsburg University Manga and Anime Club (BUMAC)
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Costume by: Rattle and Burn
Photo by: ??? (I will update this post when I figure that out.)


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Mandos and Varda

Mandos: Jayne Doe
Varda: me :p
Photo: Daisy

(Okay, so I will admit that this was a sorta 'accidental Valar' costume situation - she borrowed a black cloak for the elf procession*, and I wore my angel costume with Eowyn's starry mantle and lights on my head...so yeah, we're Varda and Mandos. By accident :p )

*This elf procession:
[These things happen at Dragon Con]
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Curufin; the dagger is Angrist, and I prefer not to wear wigs when possible. Maedhros and the twins are red-heads, and Maglor's singing abilities far outstrip mine. Besides, this way I get to be Dad's favorite, and all I have to do is talk people into terrible ideas.

Here is a family photo with all of us:

From Left to Right:
Caranthir: Jayne Doe
Celegorm: Cindy Zeuli
Amrod: Ym
Amras: Sasha For the Win
Maglor: Rattle and Burn
Nerdanel (seated): Avallonë
Fëanor: Silivren
Maedhros: Melanie Moore
Curufin: Me :p

Photo by Donovan Grimwood :)
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I once tried to extrapolate what Sorts of Clothes Tolkien mentions for Elves...
light pointed shoes, Breeches, sometimes pieces of clothing similar to stockings or knee-highs, long sleeved tunics, long Robes or Cloaks (sometimes hooded), pointed hoods or cowls similar to jelly bag caps, sometimes headbands seem to be alluded to.Female Elves wore long Raiments or Robes, sometimes obviously veils, one time a headpiece,perhaps resembling a Coif or bonnet is mentioned.
sadly Tolkien did few drawings of Elves, and those give us little detail...

those fashion-standard could easily look silly... so there#s a lot of Room for designers to flesh out and interpret the blank space. Still I think Elf-men should wear those pointed Boots and short Breeches... at least in the Summertime.

Kafele Zaid

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Did a sort of elegant Feanor sketch, it was flowing, had some flair and was heavy at the bottom, a purple and teal tier; I actually ended up getting an Arwen costume, spec. the angel costume not the Green Jacket