Expanding to other genres?

So I've finally just accepted that MMOs/RPGs in general aren't my thing. While I enjoyed playing through the Shire and some of the other early areas, the actual meat of the gameplay (particularly combat) became steadily more of an annoyance until I eventually decided it wasn't worth slogging through to get to the story. That's not a criticism of the quality of LOTRO as an MMO, just a result of my general distaste for RPG gameplay (as a rule of thumb, I always prefer for character skill to have as little effect as possible, since I find the metagame of stat and gear management tedious) That being said I like the idea of a Kinship, Clan or something as a way for the various scattered Mythgard folks to connect in between moots. Does anyone have any interest in the concept of parallel groups in other games? The most logical options to me, if we want to keep the cooperative feel of a kinship, would be team-based shooters or strategy games, but I'm open to other options as well. Of course, simple competitive play is always an option, but I feel like when you have a group as large as this to work with you ought to find a way to take advantage of that. Also, I am under no illusions that my skill level, even in generes I'm fairly experienced with, can hold a candle to most other humans, so I have a bit of an ulterior motive as well:).


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I've been wanting an excuse to try Team Fortress 2 or Fortnite ;)

As usual I fear the main problem would be timezones :(