Fried Eggs run (chickens to Mordor), Landroval, February 17th, 11am ST, meet at Sandson's Farm

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"Three Rings for the Scrapper-kings made into pie,
Seven for the Dorkings rubbed with garlic clove,
Nine for Black-foot hens broiled on high,
One for the Cook Lord and his dark stove
In the Land of Mordor where the Chickens fry.
One Ring to find them all, One Ring to take them,
One Ring to pluck them all and in the oven bake them
In the Land of Mordor where the Chickens fry."

Finally making good on his months-old promise, Wigend will take a chicken to Mount Doom! We'll get as close to the actual location of the One Ring's unmaking as the game will currently allow.

Starting time will be 11 am on Saturday the 17th. Our test run a few months ago took five hours, so with Corey's architectural appreciation delays factored in, I'm thinking this one will take seven hours.

The run will be streamed on:

All players are welcome to attend as either chickens or escorts. Chickens should make sure they'll be able to stay for the full seven hours, of course. Escorts may join us at the beginning, or the ending, or the middle bits. (We will ask you to move away from the chickens when the zone level gets higher than your characters level. We'll have enough of a challenge protecting the chickens without tending to level 10 hobbits as well!)

For those players who would like to participate as chickens, I will be offering a special training session at 11am on Saturday the 10th to assist you with the more difficult parts. If you can't make it at that time, mail Hologro in-game and we'll work something out. My week is pretty open.

Some helpful guides:

For chickens:

For escorts:

Our route:

This run is co-sponsored by Mythgard and the Bounders of the Shire, and will be led by Uncle Rooster of the Courserrim.
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