Glaurung (Voice)

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Glaurung is the Father of Dragons, created by Morgoth before F.A. 260, an Uruloke (fire-breathing dragon) who can't fly but is also highly persuasive and possesses hypnotic powers. He is the most active antagonist to Turin in The Children of Hurin.

I know Javier Bardem is also cast as Azaghal, but I think the Hosts are willing to allow an actor to play multiple roles since one would be a voice role. He has a rich, deep voice that has an odd tonal quality to it.

Javier Bardem
Age: 50
Height: 6'0"
Roles: Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men, Tiago Rodriguez/Raoul Silva in Skyfall, Captain Armando Salazar in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales



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I nominate Corey Olsen for the role of the voice of Glaurung. You will be familiar with his voice from listening to hours upon hours of his podcasts or classes. ;) Certainly, he will be able to make the dragon sound insidiously reasonable...

Corey Olsen's imdb page exists!
Granted, his wikipedia page is more informative, but still :p

(Why yes, that's the photo from the Silmarillion Film Project website....)
Age: 45
Height: ??? (but irrelevant for a voice role)

If you haven't had a chance to listen to the State of the University address, the link is available here:
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Much as I enjoy the idea of Prof. Olsen as Glaurung, there is someone I think might give a more dangerous performance.

Liam Neeson has actually done quite a bit of voice-acting work, including playing Bad Cop/Good Cop from The Lego Movie.
His IMBD page is here:
His more relevant work, however, was as Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia.

In the film, Aslan goes from gentle and wise, to powerful and terrifying, aided in no small part by the honeyed, yet hard-edged voice of Neeson.

Not to mention, Neeson is also the loving father and deadly assassin of the "Taken" franchise.



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Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Best known for his role as the villain Neegan on The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a gravelly voice with a dangerous smile to it. He also played heart patient Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy and John Winchester on Supernatural, among other roles.
Age: 53
Height: 6'1"

Neegan tells Rick to cut his son's arm off (minor swears; no gore in this particular clip)
Very dragon-y, right?

This clip is just so you can hear the cadence of his voice in a non-Neegan role; nothing particularly Glaurung-like about this scene or dialogue.
John Winchester explains his approach to parenting to his son Sam (2006).
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I nominate Jeff Goldblum.
Age: 67
Height: 6' 4½"


Goldblum is a true voice actor. His voice is flowing, dynamic, soothing, mostly it is deep, but at times it surprises with quick stabbing attacks. He plays with it, and he obviously loves his own voice, and he should. I want you to listen especially to the second clip.

Having fun:

But what really, definitely and finally convinced me that this man should play Glaurung is this:
It's so close to a Dragon that you can feel his breath. Wow.

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