Kick-off: Script Discussion for Season 2!


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Are people interested in having a kickoff discussion tomorrow night? (maybe 7:30 Eastern Time?)

If so, we should organize that ;). And if not, we should def. start next weekend.



First kick-off script discussion will be held on Saturday July 30th at 7:00 PM EDT

To participate, you will need to sign on to Blab with Facebook or Twitter - see the link.


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If we have a kick-off meeting this weekend, it will *not* be to discuss the script outline for Season 2 Episode 1 - it would just be general framework and planning meeting type stuff.

Season 2 Episode 1 can be scheduled for July 30th or August 6th, with meetings held every 2 weeks throughout the rest of the Season.

Currently, Saturday evening (either 7 or 7:30 Eastern Time) has been suggested for these live discussions. But it would be helpful if everyone who wants to participate in these discussions could list their availabilities here on this thread, so that we make sure we are picking a time that is best. Blocks of 3 hours would be recommended, though we usually managed to get through in 2 1/2.

I have a very flexible weekend schedule, so will be able to meet at almost any time on Saturday or Sunday. I will be away the weekends of August 13/14 and Sept 3/4, so I will miss at least one of the sessions, it looks like.
Correct. I've been waking up at 7:30 recently, seems my body still thinks I have to be at school, so I can probably do 7:30. Saturday's would certainly make my life a whole lot easier, especially when school starts back up again.
Ok. I'm going to try and set one up for this weekend. I'm at work until 7 this Saturday, but even if I get tied up past 7:30, I should be able to at least start the discussion up. I do want to work towards at least a somewhat higher level of organization this season, so I can't argue with an extra session at the beginning to prepare.
Just so you guys know, I would have loved to participate in the discussions, but I'm afraid it won't be possible. I'm standby though for episode outline writing.
Haakon, not possible for scheduling reasons, or....? I realize that the time zones are tricky - trying to get Europe, Eastern US and Taiwan live at the same time is no easy feat! By choosing evening for the East Coast US, though, we are making it particularly difficult for the Europeans, I realize:

7-10 PM Saturday EDT (for East Coast US) = 1-4 AM!! Sunday CEST (for Western Europe) = 7-10 AM Sunday CST (for Taiwan)

Perhaps there is another time that will work better? I know Nick works some Saturdays, so I'm not sure he'd be available earlier. But would these times work for anyone?

10 AM-1 PM EDT Saturday = 4-7 PM CEST Saturday = 10 PM-1 AM CST

I think for this Saturday, we have to stick to the 7:30 PM EDT time, but perhaps during that discussion we can get availabilities nailed down so if there is another block of time that opens the project up to more people, we can do that.
Well, I have one set up for this weekend to start us off. Link is here.

Perhaps we can work on having two "units" running at some point, to give people for whom the schedule is difficult a chance?
I appreciate this sentiment, but I worry about two roundtables coming up with different visions. We already take some margin of license with what the Hosts give us (which has worked out okay so far), I'd really hate to get into a situation where the two roundtables aren't on the same page.
As long as there is some overlap/continuity, I don't see that becoming too much of a problem. I mean, I think Nick was the only one to make all sessions last season, so.....we just need one person who knows what has been discussed and can keep on track.

But we can discuss this tomorrow :)
Corey announced the beginning of our endeavor at the end of today's session :) Everyone is welcome to attend the kick-off meeting by signing on to the Blab discussion in the link in Nick's post. Exciting! :D
...or not. I am at wifi at the pizza place down the street, and it won't let me open the Blab page. Sorry about this....