Lesser Known Maia

Kim Moehle

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Does anyone have any thoughts on casting for some of the minor league players, specifically the Maia?

Arien is my all time favorite ever so she is who I'm thinking of when posting this thread but it might be a good idea to have a casting thread for smaller role season one characters characters.
image.jpg My idea for Ungoliant:
Someone who waits in the center of a web reminds me of government office worker. Somebody older; say late fifties. I get that they could be a look like the type of character Marla Gibbs, the maid on the (how many people remember remember the 70s?) TV show The Jeffersons played.
Maiar available to cast:

Gothmog (+ other Valaraukar)
Olorin (Gandalf)
Curumo (Saruman)
Aiwendil (Radagast)

Did I forget anyone?
I really wish that chart was less interested in looking totally rad and more interested in compiling information in a readable format.

But then I am a curmudgeonly fun-hating grump.
Yeah, I was just looking at the guy's deviantart page. He's done a lot of really good work of that nature. I actually have a lot of the MERP material and they also did a fantastic job of filling in the empty spaces of Tolkien's work, though I feel they kind of miss the point on how magic works in Middle Earth. (Occupational hazard of trying to design a game that does the same job as Dungeons and Dragons, I imagine.)
That is beautiful. Unfortunately it doesn't show some important stuff like siblings, ie. Manwe and Melkor are brothers born of the same thought.
I've really enjoyed playing those games, but I'm not sure I'd like us to use all that RPG material. I'm not against material that's not strictly from J.R.R. Tolkien's own mind, and they've done a good job with the chart, but still, I'm hoping we could use it more as inspiration than as reference.
That's kind of what I was thinking, Haakon. For instance, someone recently brought up the two 'Valar of War' that didn't make the cut of the Silmarillion. I was thinking about the 'proto-Orcs' that MERPs talks about. They and their followers could become those. Which brings up a matter I'm going to make a more full comment on once I'm done listening to the broadcast.