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Though she be but little, she is fierce! Míriel has a passion to her, but her life has been one of dreams deferred and sorrowful partings. When the Ambassadors went to Valinor, she was parted from Finwë to wait and see if he would return. When the Great Debate happened, her family joined the Avari while she joined her new husband for the journey to the West. And then when she finally arrives in the peace of Valinor, and takes up the role of Queen of the Noldor and she and Finwë have their first child - she is struck down by a mysterious illness of the spirit. The loss of Míriel overshadows the joy of Valinor and has long ranging consequences for all of the Noldor.

She is short, of darker complexion, and has silver hair. She is very strikingly different in both appearance and temperment from her good friend Indis.

Mila Kunis
Height: 5'4"
Age: 33 years old

She plays Natalie Portman's counterpart in Black Swan, and has the titular role in Jupiter Ascending. She in often photographed for fashion magazines (which sounds better than my first attempt at 'she likes to wear pretty dresses'). She is not too young to look out of place with an older Finwë, but she does have a youthful appearance that will work for timeless elves. I think she has plenty of spunk to play Fëanor's mom, and also should be able to convey the fading of Míriel with enough depth to convey the choices and struggles of the character.