Mid20s Run of Great Barrow, Dec 26th 7 pm ET

Trish Lambert

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Hi everyone!

You may or may not know that Arathaert and I stream every other Monday on our Twitch channel.

2 Dwarves and a Sad Pooh are the adventures of Glumli Thesad and his granddaughter Marvlus, a fetching Dwarf lass.

We have hit mid20s and would love to do a run of the Great Barrow instances with a fellowship on or around that level on our Monday 12/26 stream. If you have an alt in that range and would like to join us, let me know here.

Maven (aka Marvlus)


Hm, 7pm Monday night ... that sounds like fun! I *think* I'll be available - and if so, will bring either Ahdi (champ; especially if all the rest signing up are dwarves) or Magheline (LM).


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I think both my characters on Landroval would be eligible were it not for the time difference :( if there's anybody around nearer to 7pm UK time (which would be about 2pm for you chaps ;) ) on Monday who could put up with my fumbling efforts that would be both fun and interesting—for me at least. Full disclosure, I have never been in a organised fellowship, and my "group experience" is limited to a couple of times bumping into someone in a dungeon and accepting a fellowship invitation :rolleyes: but I have a Hunter and a Guardian who could be made available if I can tear them away from Frostbluff :D I would have to look to recall what levels exactly but both are mid-20s or thereabouts.


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My wife and I will have some family visiting, so I'm not sure if I'll be available, but if I can make it, I have a level 23 LM, who would love to be part of the action!