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I created this forum back before we announced the opening of nominations. Didn't occur to me to double check that it would actually show up in the board! Got notified today that there's no forum for nominations, and I was like, wait a minute....

Turns out to be (no surprise) operator error. I had categorized the forum incorrectly and so it didn't show up. That is obviously now fixed, so this is the place to post your nominations.

If you've already made a nomination, @MithLuin can "move" your post to this section. Just let her know if she hasn't already done it.


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Hey everyone!

Here's the basic rules for nominating actors for the roles in Season 2, based on what Trish posted for Season 1:

This forum is ONLY for nominating cast members for Season 1. Do not comment on any of the nominations posted here.

One thread per role. If you want to nominate someone for a role that isn't already here, start a thread with the character's name. If a thread for the character you want to nominate for is already on the board, use that thread to post your nomination.

Include the following in your nomination post:
  • Actor name
  • Link to their page on
  • Height and age (added)
  • Photos, no more than 3 (for Voice roles, try to include a sound clip)
  • A short write up of why you are nominating this actor, referring to the specifications created for the character.
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Feel free to start a thread nominating actors for any of the following roles:
[Let me know if I forgot about anyone]

Frame Story:
Eirien - Arwen's friend
Celebrían (in flashback only)
Elladan and Elrohir (appeared in Season 1 frame also but were not yet cast)
*Also appear in Main Story

EVIL characters:
Thuringwethil (Episodes 3-6) - female - possible bat shape, possibly still a bit more human-form
Drauglin (Episodes 5 and 6) - male - werewolf form is more wolf and no humanoid version. [voice]
Tevildo (Episode 4, possibly other episodes) - male - cat-like (think black panther or saber-toothed tiger, not kitty cat) [voice]

The oldest generation of elves:
Morwë (Avari) [Episodes 2-3] - 1/2 of the 'Noldor' stayed with him at Cuivienen
Nurwen (Avari) [Episodes 1-3]- 1/3 of the 'Teleri' stayed with her at Cuivienen
Ingwë (Vanyar) [Episodes 1-8, 12, 13]
Iminyë (Vanyar) [Episodes 5-8, 12, 13] - minor character, probably does not need to be cast
Finwë (Noldor) [Episodes 1-13]
Míriel (Noldor) [Episodes 1-6]
Tatië (Avari) [Episodes 2-3]
Mahtan (Noldor) [Episodes 4-10, 12, 13]
Elwë (Teleri-Sindar) [Episodes 1-6]
Olwë (Teleri-Falmari) [Episodes 3-6, maybe several later ones as well.]
Círdan (Teleri-Falathrim) [Episodes 3-5]
Lenwë (Teleri-Nandor) [Episodes 3-4]
Beleg (Teleri-Sindar) - [Episodes 4-6]
Mablung (Teleri-Sindar) - [Episodes 4-6]
Eöl (Avari) - [Episode 1 and 3]
Rúmil (Noldor) - [Episode 7 and ???]

Next Generation:
Indis (Vanyar) [Episodes 2-13] - daughter of Ingwë and Iminyë
Fëanor (Noldor) [Episodes 6-13] - son of Finwë and Míriel (note: child actor needed in Episode 6]
Fingolfin (Noldor) [Episodes 7-10, 12, 13] - son of Finwë and Indis (note: child actor needed in Episode 7)
Finarfin (Noldor) [Episodes 7-10, 12, 13] - son of Finwë and Indis
Findis (Noldor) [Episodes 7, 9, 10, 12, 13] - daughter of Finwë and Indis (note: child actor needed in Episode 7), minor role
Irime (Noldor) [Episodes 7, 9, 10, 12, 13] - daughter of Finwë and Indis who will die in the Kinslaying
Nerdanel (Noldor) [Episodes 7-13] - daughter of Mahtan, wife of Fëanor
Anairë (Noldor) - [Episodes 8-10, 12, 13] wife of Fingolfin
Eärwen (Teleri-Falmari) [Episodes 8-10, 12, 13] - daughter of Olwë, wife of Finarfin


Ents! Treebeard and his wife Fimbrethil, as well as possibly the other two 'old' ents (Leaflock and Skinbark) will appear in episode 4 with the Nandor and will need voices
Arien (Maia) - we did not cast her in Season 1, apparently
Radagast (Maia) - he has a minor role in Episode 2, so casting him at this time is optional
Tom Bombadil (???) - he has a cameo each season (Episode 4 of Season 2, he sits by a river)
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Keep in mind that the following actors have ALREADY BEEN CAST, and are thus not available to be nominated for Season 2 roles. Any actors who were nominated in Season 1, but not chosen, are still available.

List provided by Marielle:

Iluvatar: Ralph Fiennes

Melkor: Michael Fassbender

Marion: Simon Woods

Manwe: Daniel Day-Lewis

Varda: Lucy Liu

Ulmo: Manu Bennet

Aule: Liev Schreiber

Yavanna: Gina Torres

Nienna: Marion Cotillard

Tulkas: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Nessa: Summer Glau

Orome: Alexander Skarsgard

Vana: Amandla Stenberg

Mandos: Idris Elba

Vaire: Holly Hunter

Lorien: Alexander Siddig

Este: Lyndie Greenwood

Osse: Ben Schnetzer

Uinen: Sofia Boutella

Melian: Rachel Weitz

Gandalf: Gael Garcia Bernal

Saruman: Domhnall Gleeson

Ungoliant: Morena Baccarin

Eonwe: Liam Hemsworth

Ilmare: Yoo-Jeong Kim

Gothmog: Chris Pine

Gilraen: Alicia Vikander

Elrond: Benedict Cumberbatch

Bilbo: James McAvoy

Estel: Jason Drucker
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Oh, sorry, I forgot - one more restriction! No dead actors, please. The person has to be currently alive, so if we were to ask them to play the role today, they could do so. Also, if you can include age and height in your nomination, that will be helpful for people.
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And one more suggestion! When making a nomination for a voice-actor (ents, Tevildo, Drauglin), please include a link to a video or audio clip of them speaking.


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No, he is not in this season. He will be cast at a later time. In this show, he will likely be an elf born in Doriath.
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Good call! I have moved the thread from the Season 1 Nomination forum to this one, so you don't have to renominate (though feel free to edit the post or add any other nominations). Since it's an older thread, you'll have to look on page 2 to find it.


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So what if we want to nominate more than one actor for a role? I'm thinking of nominating another actor for Beleg.


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The next step is that Trish Lambert will compile the nominations into a voting form, and then voting will open. The general idea is that we each get one vote, and we can advertise to allow everyone who wants to participate. Voting will likely open on Friday, but that's up to Trish.