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Here are the instructions on how to nominate someone!

This forum is ONLY for nominating cast members for Season 4. Do not comment on any of the nominations posted here.

One thread per role. If you want to nominate someone for a role that isn't already here, start a thread with the character's name. If a thread for the character you want to nominate for is already on the board, use that thread to post your nomination.

Include the following in your nomination post:
  • Actor name
  • Link to their page on
  • Height and age
  • Photos, no more than 3 (for Voice roles or characters who are known musicians, always include a movie or sound clip)
  • A short write up of why you are nominating this actor, referring to the specifications created for the character.
Actors are eligible to be nominated if they are:
  • alive
  • have an imdb page
  • have not already been cast in this project
A list of roles already cast can be found here: Cast So Far

The characters to be cast this season are:


  • Adult Idril (consider Turgon - Pål Sverre Hagen ;Elenwë - Gabriella Wilde; Young Idril - Mckenna Grace). Wise, blonde, small and slight, princess-like, cute, physically unimposing
  • Ecthelion: dark, rugged, physically powerful. Sings well.
  • Glorfindel: gorgeous, blond
  • Rhogrin: physically largest captain of Gondolin, dark-haired, swarthy
  • Edhellos: dark, physically imposing, Herald of Angrod
  • Meril: Orodreth's wife. Should look young, less formal because of her Sindar culture
  • Annael: thin, small, wiry, dark-haired, dark skin, soft-spoken, sunnier personality before capture
  • Galathil: Celeborn’s sister (same in frame).
  • Diriel: Curufin’s wife.
  • Thorondor (voice): Manwe’s voice but altered
  • Glaurung (voice): rich and persuasive, mellifluous, creepily beautiful, not evil sounding
  • Caranthir: heavy jaw, muscular, good sneer, not ugly

  • Gandalf: is described in the book very well; go with that.
  • Balin: old, friendly, and outgoing - smiling face. Everyone's favorite grandfather.
  • Thranduil: - blond, willowy?, weak, stern, haughtiness of someone with low self-confidence, Mark Gatiss, 'British Raj', not admirable, why not Orlando Bloom? (Let's not - my comment), short.
  • Dain Ironfoot: younger, but not young. Quiet; doesn't say much, gentle in speech. Taciturn but reliable. [Not pompous like Thorin.]
  • Bard: Bard is a bit dark and foreboding - maybe a unibrow, craggy face, someone whose appearance makes people take a step back (not 'cute' or 'sunny'), dark coloring
  • Ragna: Bard's wife - sunny, 'keeper of memories', singer - much more personable than her husband, 'gets things done' (brisk), wisdom, seeing to the heart of things. Maybe a Beorning? of the Woodsmen. Not 'girly'. Strong.
  • Galathil: Celeborn's sister - should look like a relative of Celeborn; firm and reserved; isolationist, rarely speaks. Mysterious. Intimidating. [Mandos role] Tony's suggestion: 'beautiful woodswitch'
  • Dís: a senior dwarf. NOT a voice for reconciliation. Very stern and severe. Matriarchal. Everyone's a bit afraid of her (even Dain).
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