[Question] Who are your 'Grouping' toons?


The main purpose of this topic is to find out who's interested in running 'group' content, and what toons each of you have available, and where they're located. It would also be a good opportunity to find out when - what time of the week, what hours - you are best able to play. For sake of simplicity, we do ask you to respond with times in Eastern (GMT+5) as Mythgard's standard time zone. Crafting info could be useful, too. And it'd be helpful to post your Discord handle, to make it easier to assemble there as well.

I'll add my own entry first, so you can get a sense for how this should look.

And don't forget to edit your entries as your younger toons grow up! :)
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My Toons (all on Landroval):
Daerinthalion - L105 Hunter - Guilded Woodworker (Sons of Numenor)
Nitesh - L105 Guardian - Guilded Armorer (Mythgard)
Kezaiah - L92 Minstrel - Guilded Jeweler (Sons of Numenor)
Anandale - L73 Captain - Guilded Weaponsmith (Sons of Numenor)
Varson - L39 Beorning - Tailor (The Leftovers)
Ruthe - L38 Burglar - Guilded Scholar (Mythgard)
Magheline - L23 Lore Master - Cook (The Leftovers)
Ahdi - L22 Champion - Weaponsmith (The Leftovers)

I'm typically available (and usually online) most weeknights between 9pm and 11pm Eastern. Weekends I generally have wide availability throughout the day and evening to schedule play ahead of time. I also try to pay pretty close attention to the Facebook group for pick-up activity.

My Discord handle is also mdmnmdllr.
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I have a bunch of toons that are capped at 105, but have many others at various levels.

Capped toons,

Dorolin -- Dwarf Champ Guilded Taylor (in Kin)
Louni -- Dwarf Minstrel (not in kin) Guilded Jewler
Linlen -- Man Captain (not in kin) Guilded cook
Iorath - Elf Hunter (not in kin)
Findeladan -- Elf Rune Keeper (not in kin) Guilded Scholar
Trandoc -- Hobbit Burglar (not in kin) Guilded Weaponsmith

not capped

Finrath -- Beorning lvl 100 (not in kin)
Finloft -- Man Loremaster lvl 91'ish (not in kin) Guilded Woodworker
Findalass -- Elf Hunter lvl 40'ish (not in kin)
Fininglas -- Elf Warden lvl 20'ish (not in kin)
Tranddocc -- Hobbit Guardian lvl 45'ish Guilded Metalsmith (in Kin)
Tiyem - Hobbit Mini lvl 42'ish (in Kin)

And other toons on family accounts that I can "borrow" if ever needed...:)

I play pretty much almost every day, normally 6-10 ish server time. I play music with GHMS (Green Hill Music Society) every Tuesday night 9-10 server time. Play on Sunday with kin (Irony and Spite) 5 to whenever and many other times as thing happen in game.

My "main" kin Irony and Spite (A at one time very active raiding kin, but with the way life is, has been less then active last couple years) Has been getting ready to raid again. and as I have told Maven, we may be looking for other players to fill out raid runs in the near future, (starting after holidays). So if anyone is interested in any kind of group end game content, we would love to have you along. Now with this web site, I will try to give heads up to what we may be attempting to run.
My Captain Linlen is the leader of I$S at this time. ( a role I did not wish to take, but felt I needed too, much as Frodo felt the responsibility as Ring-bearer). But having said all this, I am always willing to run any group content with any of you all in Mythguard. Always a blast running with folks that truly appreciate and enjoy Tokien's writings.

And My Discord handle is Fin....


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My toons are as follows and unless noted otherwise are in the Mythgard Kin (all are on Landroval, though):

Cirthilnir Level 60 Lore-Master (not in kin)
Largil Level 33 Rune Keeper (not in kin)
Froring Level 53+ Guardian (about to try leveling him to 60)
Baranhad Level 27 Champion
OhLoreIn Level 23 Lore-Master
Thornsby Level 13 Captain

I get online about as often as I reasonably can, usually most evenings. I am almost always up for any group content of any size as long as I have at least one toon eligible to run it, although LM is my favorite.

EDIT: My discord handle is @sporozco

Peter Rybski

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Both of my characters are on Landroval, and both are Mythgard Kin members.

Hodwald- Level 70 Guardian (Guilded Scholar)
Theohaad- Level 37 Captain (Armoursmith)

I am online sporadically in the evenings, and am up for group content- even if it is just running a skirmish. My Captain is looking for some group experience, and I enjoy fellowing with my Guard- time permitting, of course.

On discord, I am Peter.
I only have Kuzya at 105. Kuzya is a guy. He is a dwarf champion, member of the Weaponsmith guild, a Courserrim kinman, with a house in Falothorn.

Kozyllyn is 20, a Mythgard kinwoman. I only started her so she'd gather wood for Kuzya's woodworking, really.

Both are on Landroval.

I can play most nights with the exception of Thursday this semester.

I am one hour behind though being on central time and so definitely prefer later times (after 9 EST).

Edited to add: just made a toon on Crickhollow. A human man (to be close to Bree), captain, currently at level 7. Not sure I will be playing him a whole lot because Kuzya still has TONS of instances to do and most of Gondor to explore.
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Toons on Landroval:
I mostly play Bialver, a 105 yellow-line Beorning who is Trish's favorite fashion-plate.
But there's also Rounce (You're Not My Students kinship), a blue-line hobbit who will be at 100 by the end of Yule-fest.
Aethelrad the Jeweller Hobbit doesn't group, but he lives to make hope tokens. Feel free to ask him for some, or check the kinhouse.

Toons too numerous to list on Belegaer, Laurelin, Crickhollow, Gladden, Brandywine, and Arkenstone. Mostly under 40.

I'm on Pacific time (3 hours earlier than game time) and I can mostly do group stuff on weekends - time of day varies:
Friday: usually after 8pm Eastern
Saturday: usually noon to 7pm Eastern
Sunday: usually noon to 3pm Eastern

You'll see me on at other times but I'll mostly be mopping up deeds or fishing while I do something else with most of my attention.

On discord I'm JJ-Bialver


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My Toons on Landroval; all are in Mythgard Kin:
DMaethereal - L105 Hunter - Guilded Jeweler
DMae - L105 Guardian
Ladmae - L105 Hunter - Guilded Cook
Radmae - L60'ish Minstrel
I have a variety of low toons on Landroval and other servers.

I am usually available for group content after 9:30 server time, unless I am participating in one of the Mythgard Academy classes, which are usually on Wednesdays.
My Discord handle is DMae.

My son, Scott, does not participate in social media, so I will list his here:
His Toons on Landroval; all are in Mythgard Kin:
Binkz - L105 Ministrel - Guilded Scholar
Binklus - L105 Lore Master
Burnkles - L105 Runekeeper
Binklestoo - L60ish Hunter, capped at this level
He also has a variety of toons at differing levels.

His playing schedule is all over the place, but he is often looking for group content and joins PUGs if it looks interesting.
His Discord handle is Binkles
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All of my toons are on Landroval across 3 accounts (cuz I wanted houses). Mostly I play these. They are all guilded in their crafts.
Aelangol - L81 Minstrel, Woodsman, (Mythgard)
Bilffro - L105 Hunter, Explorer, (Mythgard)
Bjornish - L59 Beorning, Explorer, (You're Not My Students)
Dnorle - L102 Rune-Keeper, Tinker, (Courserrim)
Erlig - L59 Warden, Scholar (Weaponsmith), (No kin)
Fflergaant - L105 Champion, Explorer, (You're Not My Students)
Frimfo - L71 Burglar, Yeoman, (You're Not My Students)
Narathad - L61 Loremaster, Armourer, (Mythgard)
Othlind - L105 Guardian, Scholar (Scholar) (Mythgard)

I am in the Pacific time zone, 3 hours earlier than server time.

One or another (or more than one at a time) of my toons are often on, but afk as I work on crafting or deeds whenever time allows. So if you message me and get no answer it's not because I'm ignoring you, it's because I'm not there :)

If I'm on-line and actually present and have time I'll be happy to group. The confluence of those 3 things happens erratically these days.

Phillip Menzies

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As a dedicated completionist and playing for over two years now my highest alts are at level 60.
Philmen - Human, Champion Lv60
Zarqorn - Elf, Loremaster Lv60
Falkbridge - Dwarf, Hunter Lv41
Vilppu -Human, Captain Lv18
I also have a dedicated cook based in the Shire on a second account who is basically the same tier as my highest alts:
Snarkgrim Boojum - Hobbit, Guardian Lv25

I live in the Eastern Australian timezone so basically when I am playing late at night, most other people in EST are just getting up and I haven't found a strong LOTRO community in Australia yet. I work odd hours so I can sometimes catch Mythgard Adventures or Mythgard Academy during the day. My best time for grouping is with Mythgard Pickup on your Friday night, my Saturday morning.
As I am coming across the higher level content for the first time I find it would be nice if group content could be included in the story lines because when solo you just have to skip it. Philmen and Zarqorn have just managed to exit Moria so any Moria group content would be fantastic.
There are also plenty of deeds that need completing in lower level zones and I am finally realising that you can complete those deeds with Skirmishes and Instances.
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Rob Henderson

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All on Landroval in the Courserrim kinship:

Hologro, L105 Guardian
Saganoth, L105 Minstrel
Lagu, L70 Rune Keeper
Kathelin, L63 Hunter
Holophor, L57 Lore Master
Hyakinth, L53 Burglar
Frithskald, L51 Champion
Holowulf, L49 Captain
Disarcta, L47 Beorning
Watersapphire, L46 Minstrel
Sagawes, L46 Hunter
Holoward, L44 Warden
Holobar, L36 Beorning
Hologrin, L36 Champion

I'm on most evenings Eastern time, and can usually arrange to be on earlier in the day if I know in advance.


These are currently my alts that are over level 10 on Landroval that I think could be ready to run group content without much advance notice. Most of them are in the Mythgard kinship.

Sanswinda, L105 Hunter
Morkali, L70 Minstrel
Thyff, L47 Burglar
Radkali, L30 Loremaster
Bofal, L29 Champion
Hardilina, L21 Warden
Erylwyn, L18 Hunter (Courserrim kinship)

I usually have some time I can play at least a few evenings during the week, and can plan better with advance notice. On discord, I'm Sanswinda.

Brandon Lovesee

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My characters are all on Landy:

Fremorn L105 Champ (Guilded Jeweler)
Fremoth L98 Warden (Guilded Tailor)
Gamrin L87 Guardian (Guilded Weaponsmith)
Dwarrod ~L37 RK (Metalsmith)
Bosur ~L31 Guardian (Woodworker)
Scruplo ~L30 Ministrel (Guilded Scholar)

I mostly do group stuff on Fremorn (he's the only one that has anything approaching decent gear) with imbued and leveled FA items and even some essence gear(!) I can usually hop on in the evenings (9 PM or later server time) or on Saturdays. I also pay attention to the Facebook group for anything that may suddenly pop up.


My characters are all on Landy, and are each Anorian and fully guilded in their craft.

Heroth L63 Elf Rune-Keeper (Cook)
Helting L105 Man Minstrel (Tailor)
Hurstor L95 Elf Hunter (Jeweler)
Galirod L104 Elf Warden (Woodworker)
Hendorthir L92 Man Lore-Master (Scholar)
Hethrid L57 Man Captain (Metalsmith)
Hurmor L39 Dward Champion (Weaponsmith)
Helroth L12 Beorning

Heroth is the only one in the Mythhard, although I'd like to get everyone involved at some point (in one Kin or another). I play them pretty much in the order given.

I'm interested in becoming a good healer with both Heroth and Hendorthir. However I haven't done a lot of group content, and all the progress on them has been solo landscape quests, so I've gotten no healing experience. I'd love to change that.

I'm three hours behind server time, so usually play 10pm - 10pm on weekdays, and lots on the weekends :).
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