S02E08:The Trial of Melkor

amon mara? love it!

i have to admit i liked the ut version in which morgoth had to live as a servant in tulkas house, but of course this version is more believable and makes manwe look less of a jerk
We really have to sell that Melkor is being given a fair chance to reform and join the Valar...while also not making it look like the Valar just turned him loose without any thought of the consequences. Anything *strictly* punitive or humiliating would make it look like they are setting him up for failure or make them look vengeful, which they are not really.
agree. the reason why i like the ut versiin is because i like the comical aspects of it and because i think he deserved it.

from a storyline point of view i also wouldn't have done it.so yes morgoth having to do social work instead is a more modern variety, and it also has a slightly comical aspect..