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Burn Gorman
Height: 5’11”
Age: 44
Roles: Hindley Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights (2009), Karl Tanner in Game of Thrones, Det. Sgt William Blore in And Then There Were None (2015), Dr. Gottlieb in Pacific Rim

So Saeros is a Nandor who moves to Doriath and has latent prejudices that make him an antagonist to Turin by the time of The Children of Hurin. I’ve thought that Gorman could play a pretty good Saeros, as well as a background character that eventually becomes something of a main player, who’s played his fair share of snobs and prejudiced characters.



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Brandon W Jones.
We decided to not make Saeros "a jerk". So we should go for someone who looks like he's a nice guy, but then he settles down at court and becomes complacent. He should be a basically happy person, whose happiness is disturbed when Turin becomes a figure of interest. I think Brandon W Jones could be that guy. His nice guy persona will work well when he's attacked and killed, giving him some sympathy and adding to the terror of Turin's crime.
Age: 30
Height: 6'2"

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Richol Richards

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I nominate Rob-James Collier.

Age: 31
Height: 6'2

He's played a character that can be quite a bit of a jerk, but not unilaterally so. There are several elements of humanity and passion that viewers can relate to, despite his flaws. I can definitely envision him as Saeros.

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