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    I've just tried to very roughly sketch some characters how they would look in full costume, and i realised that we just have not worked through the details of Costumes yet...


    -he wears robe, Tunic, sash, long trousers , high boots
    - he does already have a Staff
    -hes dressed in browns
    -what is his hair colour?
    -does he already have a beard?
    -we might need ideas for patterns related to the people of Yavanna
    -is he a wanderer? What is his job in Valinor?


    -we need a design for his hammer and tools
    -we might need ideas for patterns related to Aules Folk
    -we need a work-outfit and a more official garb
    -does he have a mesopotamian beard
    -how does he wear his hair? does he have long hair
    -he#s dressed in long breeches, working boots, wears a broad belt like a dwarf, wears a tunic? wears a circlet/crown?
    -whats his hair color?
    -what are his colors? I guess he#s dressed in leathers?


    -aulian patterns
    -he does have black hair, does he have a beard?
    -what#s his Job at Aules Halls? Do we need working and official costumes? Or is he just an official/Artist
    -does he already wear white?
    -does he have a Staff?
    -does he wear jewelry?

    (apologies the sketch is really crappy...)

    -we may need patterns for Manwes and Vardas People
    -he does wear a Helmet and mail?
    -he wields Sword and Spear and Battle Standard
    -I suggest he does have Wings?
    -he wears high boots, a long vest, a robe or cape?
    -we need a war- and an official costume?
    -his colours are blue and Silver?
    -we need a sword and Armor design for Manwes Warriors
    -What are the patterns/symbols of the Standard of the Valar?
    -what is his hair color? does he have short or long hair? beard?


    -I guess the Balrogs look like burned corpses or bodies aflame
    -how much can we actually recognize their faces? I guess we can still identify the actors faces when not aflame?
    -do they wear clothes? I guess clothing would burn so they may wear some armor, but no elaborate clothing
    -we need a pre-fallen and fallen costume
    -we need Sword, Axe and Whip designs
    -we might need a pattern and color scheme for Morgoths people
    -he does have long hair, what#s his hair color? Do balrogs have beards?

    -he wears a long robe, a sash, sandals, a circlet?
    -he has a staff of Mace? A silver Bowl?
    -his colors are grey? Dark Blue? Silver?
    -we may need a color/pattern scheme for Loriens Folk
    -does he have a bird/Animal companion?
    -does he have long hair? what#s his hair color? Beard?

    Iarwain Ben-Adar:
    -he's dressed like a feral?
    -he wears leaves and clothes made of plants? Or later Elvish clothing?
    -his colors are blue and yellow?
    -he is young. does he have long or short hair? a beard?
    -does he wear a hat?
    -are there references to Yavannas people in his clothing pattern?


    -he wears a long robe, cape, sash, leather boots?
    -does he have long hair? a beard?
    -he#s a smith, do we need a working outfit and a more classy costume?
    -are his colors red and black?
    -is he one-eyed?
    -does he wear a circlet? Jewelry? Rings?
    -he wears Aules peoples patterns, later Morgoths?

    -he does have long hair and long beard?
    -he wears hooded cloak, sandals, sash? Circlet?
    -does he wear amulets? Jewelry? Gloves?
    -does he have a staff or mace? an hourglass?
    -has he got an animal companion? Dog or Crow?
    -we need patterns/color scheme for Mandos Folk

    -we need 3 costumes, his early flamboyant or official wear, his clothes as prisoner or freedman/worker in Valinor, his armour as dark Warlord
    -he wears tunic, high boots, breeches, cape or hooded robe, leather vest, circlet?
    -we need designs for his spear/shield/Mace/Sword/Flail
    -we need patterns/colour schemes for Morgoths people, i guess they don't wear all black, grey, brown, red?

    -does he have long or short hair? which hair color?beard?
    -he does wear black traveling boots, belt, scarf, robe, cape, hood, tunic, sarf? does he wear a hat?
    -does he have a staff?
    -his color is already grey?
    -there#s some Nienna, Manwe pattern?

    -we need a hunting, a war and an official dress?
    -he wears hooded cloak, high boots, tunic, breeches, sarf, belt?circlet?
    -we need designs for his bow, horn, spear, knife
    -does he have long hair? beard? green hair color?
    -color and pattern of Oromes Folk?

    -wears a kilt or tunic?sarf
    -wears fishmail armor? Helmet?
    -Staff or weapon?
    -long hair and beard? hair color?
    -Ulmo#s peoples color scheme and pattern

    -does wear clothes and has humanoid shape?
    -wears jewelry?
    -wears fashion of angband?
    -morgoth#s peoopes color and pattern?
    -has a weapon/mace/Staff?

    -wears leather clothes, tunic of hide, kilt or breeches, leather boots, wristbands, headband or circlet?brazen belt,
    -need designs for spear, bow, gauntlet?
    -colors are yellow, gold, red, brown, bronze
    -color and pattern of Tulkas people?
    -wears jewelry?
    -does have golden hair, beard, long or short hair?

    -Foam-crested Helmet, crown of the sea, fishs mail armor, hooded cloak?, high boots, uses shells?
    -has a staff or mace?
    -need design for ulumuri
    -colors green and blue?
    -indigo eyes, silver-blue skin and hair, withered and old
    -wears robe , skirt of shimmering greens
    -has long hair?

    -wears long dress, sarf, circlet? light shoes or sandals?
    -her Job is a gardener
    -wears reds and yellows, gold and orange?
    -has a golden horn?
    -long or short hair? hair color? Skin color?
    -color and pattern of Vanas people needed

    -wears dress and veil? light shoes? Robe and sash? Circlet?
    -wears jewels or not?
    -colors are grey?
    -need color and pattern scheme for Estes people

    -wears headdress, long dress, robe, light shoes
    -official , working and war-outfit needed?
    -has a staff or mace? spear?
    -colors are white, gold, silver, blue?
    -patterns and color scheme of Manwes and Vardas people

    -wears tight dress, robe? Circlet? no shoes? Veil?
    -colors are yellow, orange, brown?
    -long hair? Hair color ?
    -wears jewelry?
    -nessas peoples color scheme and patterns?

    -need two costumes, before and after conversion to melkor
    -colors are gresy, brown & black
    -wears hooded cloak, veil, robe, sarf, belt, light shoes? Circlet?
    -has weapon or not?
    -was Niennas people before?
    -Niennas or Morgoth#s cxolir scheme & patterns?

    -wears light shoes, long dress, cape, circlet?
    -wears jewelry?
    -colors are white, blue & greens?
    -has long hair, hair color?
    -has a weapon or Mace/staff?
    -colors & pattern of Ulmo#s folk

    -wears long dress,veil, light shoes, robe/cape, circlet?
    -wears jewelry?
    -long hair? hair color?
    -colors are black, grey or white? or purple?
    -has a loom ? has a Mace? Hourglass?

    -wears short dress or robe, no shoes? Circlet?
    -colors are yellow and greens?
    -golden hair, short or long?
    -lots of flowers in costume
    -color and pattern of Vanas people

    -colors are white & Silver
    -long dress, robe & Cape, Circlet?
    -wears jewelry?
    -hair color? Long or short hair?
    -wears a staff/mace/Torch
    -Colors and patterns of Manwes and Vardas Folk

    Valar we DO already have quite good costume designs for are Manwe, Ulmo, Nienna and Yavanna. Both Bre and Anastasia have worked on these characters.

    Ainur Hair:
    Did we talk about Hairdos for Valar & Maiar?

    I'd also like to take a look on the same topic considering the Elves costume designs, though Anastasia and Bre already have done a lot on designs for them.
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