Season 2 Episode 5: Live from MidMoot! (except not live)


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We had some internet connectivity issues, so live streaming wasn't an option, but we did have some guests stick around after to participate. Having an in-person discussion was a little weird, but a lot of fun!

I'll try to get a rough outline up soon, but I don't know if it will be ready by Friday. The videos will all have to wait on Nick - no pressure! :p

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I mean our talk is uploaded, and my edit is about 20% done rendering, but I'm about ... looks like 40% done getting the "live" session done up to Youtube so I can edit them. I may or may not have the first segment out tonight, depending on how busy work is and how long it takes to get everything out. Of course, my voice is gone, so I'm not sure how useful I'll be at work anyway.

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Ok, in an unprecedented fit of editing, I have completed the remaining three segments of the discussion. YouTube is still rendering them, which might take a while, but then I just have to put in the description, tags and what not and I should be able to get all three released by the end of the day.

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Incidentally, for those following at home, the SilmFilm Talk at Midmoot is now #20 on the list when you search Silmarillion Film on YouTube, so great job everyone!


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Outline, first pass (I do need to relisten to make sure I got the right things in the right places):
Protagonist: Círdan
Supporting cast: Olwë, Finwë, Ossë, Uinen
Background: Ingwë, Míriel, Ulmo, Mahtan, Pretty Teleri Girl, Angband Posse: Gothmog/Balrog Lieutenant/Thuringwethil/Sauron/Drauglin

Episode 5: Shirtless Swimming and other important matters of destiny

1. Teaser: Frame - ??? Who knows? Maybe Elladan and Elrohir show up? We'll worry about this later. *kick the can*
Main - The shores of the Sea - a storm on the coast of Beleriand, as the Teleri make their way down to the coast under the leadership of Olwë and the support of Círdan. Some flee into the woods to hide from the scary storm.

Act 1
2. Círdan and Olwë work to rope their people in and get them to establish a dwelling on the coast.

3. In Valinor, Finwë and the Noldor arrive on the Island Ferry. The Vanyar have set up tents on the Hill of Túna, and the Noldor join them, but begin building *real* structures - stone houses.
4. Ulmo expresses his grave misgivings to this whole Children-in-Valinor development to Ossë and Uinen, and sends them to the coast of Beleriand to set his own backup plan in motion.

Act 2
5. Ossë appears on the shores of Beleriand and meets Olwë. It's a bit disconcerting at first, but they strike up a conversation. Ossë and Uinen teach the Teleri how to survive on the coast - gathering shellfish and the like. Círdan notices a pretty girl on the shore with her friends, and misses something Olwë is saying to him. Ossë gravitates towards Círdan, and Uinen gravitates towards Olwë.

6. Angband: Sauron in his mad-scientist workshop, tinkering on proto-werewolves. Thuringwethil comes in to check on him. He asks her what the balrogs are up to, and if they know about his project yet. She confirms that they're still in the dark.

7. Midpoint Back in Valinor, the city of Tírion is built. Finwë is getting impatient waiting for the Island Ferry to return for the Teleri. The Vanyar are getting impatient with the Noldor and all their industrious work strewing gems everywhere.

8. Olwë and Círdan have dreams sent by Ulmo that spell out their DESTINY. Olwë's dream has swans in it. Círdan's has Vingelot.

Act 3
9. Olwë discusses his dream with someone - Círdan? Círdan is a bit quiet about his, not sure what it means.

10. The Noldor and Vanyar together build the Tower of Ingwë in Tírion. The Calacirya is made? [If it's not there yet, it's made now.]

11. Midpoint Angband update: Balrogs have gone elf-hunting, and are picking off some of the Teleri who fled into the woods in the opening scene. Some run away across a river, and the balrogs move to pursue. Uinen rises up out of the river, and we get to see what a wet balrog looks like. Balrogs make a strategic retreat and return to Angband.

12. The Island Ferry Returns! Ossë has brought it back at the request of Finwë (and the Valar).

Act 4
13. The Teleri begin packing their stuff and preparing for departure. Círdan is helping to organize this work but gets more and more unhappy about it. He sees Pretty Teleri Girl, but does not talk to her. Conversation between Olwë and Círdan in Círdan's tent while he is packing a trunk of supplies.

14. The Vanyar and the Noldor decide, you know what, we'll always be friends, but we're terrible roommates. Ingwë moves with some of the Vanyar to Valmar to be closer to the Valar, who seem to respect of the Vanyar.

15. Climax: Círdan goes for a swim to work out his thoughts. It's a silent scene, but involves beautiful coastal ocean scenery and poignant music. As the Teleri are boarding the Island, Círdan informs Olwë that he will be staying behind. Olwë at first panics in a 'but I need you!' way, but he has become more of a leader than he was 2 episodes ago. Círdan explains that all of the Teleri strung out across Middle Earth behind them will someday want to go to Valinor, too, so he will stay to wait for them. He expresses confidence in Olwë as a leader. Olwë gets on the Island to depart.

16. Denouement:
Main - Círdan, standing on a promontory, watching the Island Ferry depart. Finwë, standing in the Tower of Ingwë, looking for the Teleri to see if they are coming yet. Olwë, on the Island Ferry...chatting up Pretty Teleri Girl, who will become his wife.
Frame - ??? I dunno, conversations about, ummm, maybe destiny, the inevitability of fate?

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Quick pass, I would switch the bad guy scenes. Allowing Thuringwethil to witness the Balrogs hunting elves and getting chased off gives her something to do besides be the person Sauron is talking at.

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Something Phillip brought up that I had been thinking about, but forgot to point out "on the day", we could easily squeeze in a short scene of Elwe's guys searching for him back around Nan Elmoth.

Also, we forgot to talk about how we need to show that some of the Elves on the shore don't want to go, and we will see goodbye scenes. It would give us a chance for Olwe to turn to Cirdan and say, "At least I can count on you..."