September Silmarillion Art Challenge


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So I've been wanting to draw more First Age stuff, and I've also been itching to do another month-long drawing challenge, so I decided to combine the two. September is usually reserved for Swordtember in the art community, but I'm doing this mainly for my own personal reasons, so whatever. However, if anyone here wants to join along, feel free. This isn't explicitly connected to the SilmFilm project, but if anyone would like to make their contributions based off of SilmFilm instead of the just the source text, go ahead.

The idea is to draw something everyday for the entire month, so that you will have a collection of thirty pieces at the end. I will be going with the below themes each day, but feel free to disregard the daily prompts; they're just there to help out if you're struggling to come up with an idea that day. For instance, with the below prompts, I will be focusing on characters, but if someone just wanted to draw locations everyday that's cool too.

Since this is a thirty-day marathon, I recommend not spending more than an hour on any one drawing (heck, you could spend as little as ten minutes), and be okay if something is unfinished.



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Yeah, I can see it no problem here in the forum. Not sure what the issue is, Ange1e4e5.

Also, 8&9 are very relevant to the end of Season 5 of Silm Film, so I can't wait to see what you come up with for those days!