SilmFilm Narsil


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This is the design John Howe had for Narsil.

For Jackson's films, Dwarven swords are often shorter and thicker than swords used by Men and Elves; an example would be Deathless, the sword used by Thorin until he acquired Orcrist.


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Now i REALLY hated these square and diamond inspired PJ movie weapons.The last thing i would wish to copy was these.

Old jewish swords, i'd have to take a closer look at, but generally yes.


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The israelite swords i saw look all a bit short and most do not have a strong crossguard.I guess that would be what i would insist on, veritable length in both blade and handle, and a somewhat bigger crossguard.Also of course a straight blade.

So pommel and crossguard forms and designs would interest me.Aside of this... is narsil a cut and thrust sword? I guess so.I mean it is not yet an armour-piercing sword - i guess.


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We show the forging of Narsil during Season 4, so there is opportunity to show any details of not just design, but also of the forging process. And while dwarven swords might typically be on the shorter side, this one was made for one of the Noldor, so Telchar could have taken that into account when designing this particular blade.

And yes, I would prefer more inspiration to come from historical swords than from fantasy swords; I want the actors and the audience to view these as real weapons.


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Even that short dwarf-sword thing is a misconception IMHO.

but nice, i wanna see what peeps come up with..