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    Just a quick note about the derivation of the name. I have the Script Book referenced here and recall reading the note from Douglas Adams with delight.

    In summary, Adams intended the name to be broadcastable but still sound as if it ought to be very rude, so he started off with something entirely unacceptable and guaranteed to give the BBC censors multiple aneurysms, then modified it gradually until it merely sounded ridiculous but still hinted at utter filth.

    As suggested but not explored in last night's episode, this was indeed supposed to be the source of Slartibartfast's vague sadness (along with his pining for those fjords, but in a different sense than usual :D ).
  2. Tarlonniel

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    Huh. I don't get any hints at "utter filth" from the name, just a vaguely juvenile fart-joke atmosphere. In fact, I could almost think it's a rather nice name, but then, I think "foonting turlingdromes" sound almost rather nice too...
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  3. JJ48

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    I wouldn't have even realized there was supposed to be a joke there if not for Arthur's reaction, and even after hearing all the explanations, I just don't hear it (it actually sounds rather silly and unusual; precisely what I may expect an alien name to sound like).

    Then again, I've never really been a fan of blue comedy, so odds are that I wouldn't have found it funny even if I had gotten the joke.
  4. Phillip Menzies

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    In listening to the session I was startled by the sound of Corey pronouncing the name Slartibartfast. He pronounced it correctly but it didn't sound right. I must be so used to hearing his american accent. :confused: It may be that he puts a little pirate into the first arrrr sound whereas in the Queen's English it is a pure ah.
  5. Yard Sard

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    An equally important distinction is the enunciation of the "t". Americans, even when we take pains to flatten the "ah" in "fast", will say it more like "Slardybartfahst".

    Needs to be "SlarTy" to really work.
  6. amysrevenge

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    Haha I try so hard to say the -bartfast part the same way I'd say breakfast that I kind of skim over the slarti- part without noticing what I do.
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  7. JJ48

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    I listened to the radio broadcasts this weekend, and even hearing it actually pronounced by them, I still don't hear what's supposed to be so funny.

    (How is the name any more ludicrous and odd than, say, Zaphod Beeblebrox?)

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