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    I am not sure how this could be worked in... but I am sure it will not be easy... but here goes:

    For your consideration:

    I recently discovered The One Ring - RPG published by Cubicle 7 in England in 2011 to the present. There are now about 10 volumes of source books, maps and scenario books. With a large team of designers. What has impressed me is that like LOTRO the creators of this RPG are committed to the most accurate faithfulness to Tolkien's Middle-earth. True, there are original characters, both good guys and bad, but the exploration of Wilderland (Rhovanion) and Eriador, which is still on going, goes into marvellous detail, just as does LOTRO.

    The game is set in the period between "The Hobbit" and "LotR" so there are elements that look back and. depending on how one plays, can look forward.

    The graphics of the maps and books are first rate. The characterizations' parameters are carefully detailed providing for both originality and faithfulness. The scenarios are intriguing and imaginative without violating anyone's sense of Tolkienness! Numerous quotes from The Professor's two books are presented.

    It's of course not in a "dynamic" video format, but a book format, and therefore might require some original platform utilization for its presentation. But there is plenty of time before LOTRO will be exhausted and this is worth exploring! Give it a look see.
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    Agreed. I've had a look into a few tor books and it's a very good game!
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    I would also point out. I never played D&D, ever. So I can't judge. But every expert player of various RPGs says The One Ring RPG is in a class by itself in regard to the game mechanics as well as its faithfulness to the "source material", aka TH and LotR. The game designer Francesco Nepitello states in his YouTube videos about designing the game that MERP or other Tolkien RPGs was merely D&D with Tolkien tacked on, but TOR-RPG was designed from the ground up with Tolkien in mind. So it, again, should not be dismissed if one was disillusioned by MERP et al.

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